Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Teeenie Tiny Me....

From Suede Design Studio

So my friend's club had a theme event based around Tinys, Although I have always known about them, I never took much interest, they are a little bit too sweet for my taste, but still it's important to try something new. So I purchased myself a little Hamster, Hammalina Hamster you can call me from now on, I got it from Wynxworks who does seem to be the premier Tiny Avatar creator, the store had tons of different choices, My friend bought a sheep, very cute well it was until he also bought a tiny bazooka and some combat gear and a Tiny fistfight Hud from Abranimations . Watch out it is BaaRamboEwe.. and no I did not make that name up myself.

Well my little nekkid hamster needed some clothes and I went wandering and found Tiny Ruffles, I liked that shop a very cute red dress for Chinese New Year for only 13L and a couple of Gifties.
From Suede Design Studio

From Suede Design Studio

From Suede Design Studio

So I spent one evening finding out all about Tinys and I found this incredible video on Youtube filled with Tiny Dancers, lot of blogs on lifestyle and clothing and just tons of stuff, I am worried now that there is gonna be a coup d'état and we gonna be overrun by avatars who just want to be cuddled, but I digress..smiles

Watch.. giggle and be amazed..

So My Style Card for the New Improved Suede
Avatar, Hamster by Wynxworks
Dresses all from Tiny Ruffles By Betsy Furman
Lady Claire in Black Velvet (free)
Lady Ada in Aqua (free)
Chinese New Year Gown (13L miserable Lindens - so free)

Straight to the cuteness
Extrovirtual: Wynxworks, Flights of Fantasy & Abranimations
Extrovirtual (197, 21, 23)

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