Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bambi Eyes

From Suede Design Studio

Tati the designer for Fab.Pony has brought out a new set of eyes. The pupil and Iris are larger giving a very soft look. I had to go and try them out. I really liked the effect on my face, although I did have trouble with my prim lashes, so I went for my tattoo lashes which worked out beautifully.
From Suede Design Studio

The eyes come in the following shades
  • Blues
  • Browns
  • Greens
  • Violets
  • Wilds
****Fab.Pony Eyes ONLY****

Here are the instructions,
1) Go into edit Appearance mode
2) Goto 'Eyes' tab from the Shape section
3) Enter the following measurements:

Eyes Size: 39
Eye Opening: 75

The following measurements are optional:
Eye Spacing: 45
Outer Eye Corner: 67
Inner Eye Corner: 0
Eye Depth: 30
Upper Eyelid Fold: 30
Eye Bags: 0
Puffy Eyelids: 0
Eyelash Length: 0
Eye Pop: 50

* All these measurements are used on the model in the "Bambi" Eyes poster

Hair :bijou: hair[Adele]/Gold02 Kotobuki Jewell
Eyelashes [Glow] Studio by Linka Demina
Pose by Olive
Skin Nellie Glow Skin Peach 05
Hair Zero Style

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