Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hollow Angel Design, Mau and Mei

From Suede Design Studio

I originally found this brand on Marketplace Sl and purchased a lingerie set with a cute pompom for skirt to cover my ample bottom to wear while reviewing some skins, well anyway I was very pleased with the quality and recently the designer kindly dropped a few more things on me to review. I am showing you in this post, a role player's fantasy costume, this dress is perfect for a Drow, an Angel or a confused Vampire who cant decide if they want to be good or bad.

It comes with a huge amount of attachments and choices, and I teamed it up with the Glam Affair gift skin from a couple of weeks back, actually that skin always reminds me of Peking Opera Masks, I should wear it with some oriental influenced clothes next time. Not forgetting my hair, which is from Mau and Mei, who not only do very unusual hair, mostly based on Chinese traditional hairdresses, but so beautiful because they often come with really beautiful intricate adornments for your hair as well.

From Suede Design Studio

From Suede Design Studio

The thing about this outfit is that there are some sections with a beautiful intricate, jewelry type look to it, it's hard to explain, but when you move they show and then they don't, it's a very ethereal effect, but really liked it and I think you might too.
Style Card
Clothes & Wings :HA: Celestial - Angel Outfit/Costume - 36 piece set
Skin -Glam Affair - Jadis - Natural - DAMA
Hair and Hair Jewels M&M Asia Shinge
Eyes Mystify - Immaculate V1 Black
Tattoo Makeup GLAM! Black series lashes and liner 3
Dragonette, My friend Pearl, from Winxworks
From Suede Design Studio


  1. I am so glad you liked this outfit Suede and it was my pleasure to give it to you. It looks wonderful with the Starlight! - Jude Fatale, Owner, Hollow Angel Designs

  2. Jude. it was a pleasure to wear it and to think up some great theme to show it off too it's best.