Sunday, October 16, 2011

League and Coco Designs

From October 7, 2011

This wonderful vintage lingerie set, is upstairs in League on sale for a 100 lousy Lindens, I know it is an older design, but it is still absolutely fabby, the only single piece which looks dated is the french knickers, but you dont have to wear that bit, the remaining pieces are well worth your cash.

From October 7, 2011

I have teamed them up with another bargain I found at Coco Designs who are having a really good sale, I picked up these boots for half price, and the textures are great. They attached to your upper leg so if you want to layer up, you will need to use Viewer 2 or Firestorm.

From October 7, 2011

Style Card
Lingerie *LEAGUE* Oriental Satin & Lace Set
Hair ^;^CaTwA^;^ Marwa HairStyle [LWR] (Spine)/Night
Skin -Belleza- Chloe Fair 19 Cleavage
Boots *COCO*_Knee-HighBoots

From October 7, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Lucky??? Chair.. more Like Evil Chair..

From October 7, 2011

I went awandering and found a shop, called Yasum, I am sure you are familar with it and I spy Lucky chairs, and the stuff inside them is very nice. Now normally I dont bother I dont have the patience and I am slow to jump on and other people sneak on in front of me.

*S* is a popular intital wouldnt you know it.
So I wait..........

  • 7am I wait, drinking lots of cups of tea
  • 11am I make a big fry up, cause I deserve it waiting patiently all those hours
  • 3pm I log off.. cant take it anymore, eats packet of crisps, and a can of coke
  • 4.30pm log back on to be told , my pal has won my baggies, eats a packet of Revels
  • 5pm.. I start tping in my friends to spin the chairs, more tea, more bicuits........ I need a cigarette
  • 7.30pm..... I win.. both sets of baggies in 30 mins, sign off and have my sunday dinner

So people lets do the math

12 hours waiting
price of items won. 1600L
exchange rate 253L to 1$
real cost $6.32

So in truth I waited 12 hours to save myself 6 bucks, which I would have spent in 30 seconds on a Starbucks and a scone, repeat after me.. .... M O R O N.... LMAO.
Oh yeah and the 350,856 calories I ate cause I was bored and pissed off.

From October 7, 2011

Style Card
Skin - Current Belleza Male gift
Clothes - Yasum Lucky chairs
Shoes - Yasum lucky chairs
Piercings - GSP

Pause, Point B [AD]

Take a Pause
From October 7, 2011

One of my favourite stores has started a new sister brand, called Point B, the site is not completely setup yet, but it is looking good, between you and me, I love Analog Dog's hair, but I never liked the shop, walking through the water. The new shop has a cobbled paving walkway and cool suede looking rounded cubed vendors, I really like them.

Anyway back to the hair, so I love the highlights in this hair and it moves really well. The colour band is colour/pattern scripted. Also at AD you can get freehair bases and a lot of the older styles, in the water section with the blue vendors are on sale. It is worth checking them all out, she does terrific curly styles, and I dont think they are particularly dated.

Style Card
Pause. Point B, Analog Dog [ Queue Marlowe]

On a side note, Queue has a blog of her own, it is quite interesting with some rl snippets, :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Cello

From October 7, 2011

I am really getting into this look, and so I went looking for a good location to take some photos for the blog. I found this town which honestly at the beginning didnt look like it was going to suit my needs but then I wandered into an abandoned theatre and there sitting in the empty pit was a cello, I loved it and here is my series.
From October 7, 2011

From October 7, 2011

Style Card
Hair ^;^CaTwA^;^ Lamar HairStyle -Black/White-
Ears *6DOO* wakka elf ears B
Skin -Belleza- Aiko pale group gift
Piercings .:ellabella:. Starchild (eyes) - mouth
Tattoo devre tattoo [BuLut Beorn]
Knickers !tarnished :: Bon Bon black*!t :: Special Jerk ~black[ december larkham]
Tank ( R E D ) M I N T ~ T S & T O P S ~ S K U L L (No.5) [also free in lucky chairs]
Cello sakisa_celloREZ_set ver2.0サキっち (sakisa.mazi)
Poses PIDIDDLE - Artistic Taxidermy Pose Set Gift

From October 7, 2011

From October 7, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

David Bowie Eyes

One Blue and One Green

From September 2011

I really like odd eyes, and Glow studio has a series of eyes which have prim orbs ( I did write balls there first, but it sounded bad). The trick with prim eyes is that you can have different colours.. claps hands.. gives a lot of choice on avatar customization.

From September 2011

From September 2011

I went for Azure and Jungle, I am wearing my Chloe skin from Belleza and my RedQueen hairstyle called Crush. Piercings are from Grunge Soul Project.

Style Card
Eyes [glow] Scenic Eyes Collection - Azure/jungle
Ears 6DOO* wakka elf ears A left color:medium,light ondo mode
Piercings .Pekka. Omni Piercing - F - Mouth GSP
Skin -Belleza- Chloe Fair line 5


From September 2011

So after my little break from SL, I thought I would give my avi a complete overhaul, which is always fun. I shrunk her down to only 55, increased her body from 7 to 50 and fiddled with the face. I received the new group gift from Belleza Chloe, which I loved so I went back and bought a set of skins, which I am really pleased with and they have the added bonus of different lipsticks on the tattoo layer.

The pictures are just to show you the different makeups from Chloe.
From September 2011

From September 2011
This great hairstyle is from RedQueen which actually has a few items on sale right now and lucky chairs in store. So it is well worth a visit to pickup those hairstyles for only 99L.
Ears are also available on Marketplace.

Style Card
Skin -Belleza- Chloe Fair line 5
Ears *6DOO* wakka elf ears A left color:medium,light [ondo mode]
Piercings .Pekka. Omni Piercing - F - Mouth [Grunge Soul Project]
Eyes [glow] Scenic Eyes Collection - Azure

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Elvish Ears

From September 2011

Ears are interesting things, they can give a whole new depth of character to your avatar. One of the looks I like the best are the droopy Elf ears, you can get them accessorised, with studs for your Gothic avi or with vines and leaves for your Elvish role play avi.

I have teamed up my ears with Aiko skin from Belleza, facial piercings and hair from [e], which has a scripted colour change band.

The other thing I found which I love for my new look are the eyes available from Glow! Studio right now, they are prim and so it is possible to have two different coloured eyes. I went for blue and green.

Style Card
Hair [e] Changes - Black 03
Ears *6DOO* wakka elf ears B
Skin -Belleza- Aiko pale group gift
Facial Piercings .:ellabella:. Starchild

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back to blogging

After a difficult summer, moving from California back to Scotland and busting my ankle in the middle of my move, I am finally home and getting back to my normal routine for blogging. I have lots of things I have received whilst I was *off-line* and omg do I have a lot of catching up to do, my inventory is a horrible mess, so sorry in advance if your stuff is in there. I will get around to it as quick as I can.

I have noticed that my blog had become stale, during the early part of this year and I was doing basically clothes posts all the time, which is not really what I want to do. I like taking photos with atmosphere and character and my recent work, well for me it did'nt past muster.

So I have decided to explore some new ways of taking photos and it looks like sl has a few new tricks up it's sleeve which I have not explored yet, lots more fun for me, and why blog if it isnt fun.


Monday, May 23, 2011


From May2011

I eventually managed to make my way to Culture shock and of course there are many lovely things, but it is taking me forever, it won't rezz very fast for me, and I have a budget , and there is so many things worth buying.

One thing I really like is that I am seeing smaller shops I have not been too before I have a little notepad for my blogging stuff and right now I have at least 10 shops i have jotted down in my little book that I will go visit when I have time. I am also checking out stores, that I know about, but their style is not usually my style and being pleasantly surprised.

I loved this shade of pink, even though it says peach and the texture and detailing are great and best of all, I think this top was only 60L.. steal... skirt is from G*Field, not a shop I usually frequent, but I will be from now on, just to check.

From Suede Design Studio

Just on a side note, I expect you noticed that my posting has changed style a little, my photoshop is very angry with me, and decided to go on strike, so I have resorted to using Picasa, it is actually quite good fun, but lets hope I make it up with my No.1. Man Photo.S. really soon.

Style Card
Project Donate Sim, Culture Shock
Hair Truth Minka Streaked Auburn, colour scripted Mallen Streak
Skin LAQ Nellie 03 Peach
Skirt G*Field Maxi Skirt, Brown Flower
Top Izzie, Silk Top Peach, ( Izzie Button)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pink 52 weeks of colour

From Suede Design Studio

I love this shade of pink, I think they call it ashes of roses, or blush, in rl H&M has tons of items in this colour for the summer, I wanted to buy it all and also in Second Life, I saw so many lovely things, I bought a lot of different things, went on a bit of a pink binge, at least in SL, I can spend more freely, grins.. thanks the gods for micro-purchases.

I am showing you today my favourite old jeans from Ibizarre mixed up with a beautiful crossover top ( Zaara ) and a sculpted jacket with a print I love from LeeZu. I am also wearing hair from Lelutka, I almost didn't buy it cause I don't like the name of it, but it's really pretty hair, So I bought it anyway.

Oh btw, the top comes with sculpted flowers, sorry I was too lazy to switch to viewer 2, so I could layer it all up, I just hate that thing. So just see the flowers in your minds eye.

From Suede Design Studio

Style Card

JACKET Arabesque Pink ( Lee Zu)
TOP Zayba in Sorbet ( zaara)
SKIN Glam Affair Natural BHB TDR 29
TROUSERS Ibizarre pink leather
HAIR Lelutka Jackeline