Monday, October 10, 2011

Lucky??? Chair.. more Like Evil Chair..

From October 7, 2011

I went awandering and found a shop, called Yasum, I am sure you are familar with it and I spy Lucky chairs, and the stuff inside them is very nice. Now normally I dont bother I dont have the patience and I am slow to jump on and other people sneak on in front of me.

*S* is a popular intital wouldnt you know it.
So I wait..........

  • 7am I wait, drinking lots of cups of tea
  • 11am I make a big fry up, cause I deserve it waiting patiently all those hours
  • 3pm I log off.. cant take it anymore, eats packet of crisps, and a can of coke
  • 4.30pm log back on to be told , my pal has won my baggies, eats a packet of Revels
  • 5pm.. I start tping in my friends to spin the chairs, more tea, more bicuits........ I need a cigarette
  • 7.30pm..... I win.. both sets of baggies in 30 mins, sign off and have my sunday dinner

So people lets do the math

12 hours waiting
price of items won. 1600L
exchange rate 253L to 1$
real cost $6.32

So in truth I waited 12 hours to save myself 6 bucks, which I would have spent in 30 seconds on a Starbucks and a scone, repeat after me.. .... M O R O N.... LMAO.
Oh yeah and the 350,856 calories I ate cause I was bored and pissed off.

From October 7, 2011

Style Card
Skin - Current Belleza Male gift
Clothes - Yasum Lucky chairs
Shoes - Yasum lucky chairs
Piercings - GSP

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