Thursday, October 6, 2011


From September 2011

So after my little break from SL, I thought I would give my avi a complete overhaul, which is always fun. I shrunk her down to only 55, increased her body from 7 to 50 and fiddled with the face. I received the new group gift from Belleza Chloe, which I loved so I went back and bought a set of skins, which I am really pleased with and they have the added bonus of different lipsticks on the tattoo layer.

The pictures are just to show you the different makeups from Chloe.
From September 2011

From September 2011
This great hairstyle is from RedQueen which actually has a few items on sale right now and lucky chairs in store. So it is well worth a visit to pickup those hairstyles for only 99L.
Ears are also available on Marketplace.

Style Card
Skin -Belleza- Chloe Fair line 5
Ears *6DOO* wakka elf ears A left color:medium,light [ondo mode]
Piercings .Pekka. Omni Piercing - F - Mouth [Grunge Soul Project]
Eyes [glow] Scenic Eyes Collection - Azure

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