Thursday, May 27, 2010


Chi 124,50,22

Chi is a beautiful sim with lots of oriental influences around, a huge Buddha, just like the one on Lantau island in Hong Kong, I have been there in RL.. that Buddha is beautiful and huge and so impressive, but I decided to focus on the gorgeous little pagoda for these shots with two sampans moored next to it.

I wanted to experiment taking some landscape shots which I haven't done in a while.
the following photos are all taken with the 1.23 viewer as Emerald still hates my graphic card. Bring me a new computer Santa AppleMac.. I needs it.. I wants it, my precious....


1st My favorite
Gelatto setting
Graphics set to Ultra

Barcelona setting
Graphics setting to Ultra
East angle 0.84
Cloud coverage 30
Cloud scale 15

Incongruents truths
Graphics set to Ultra
East Angle 0.69

So there you have it.. all the photos are pretty nice.. depends on what kind of atmosphere you want for your shot.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Audrey, Audrey

I was watching one of Audrey Hepburn's classic movies a couple of nights ago and thought I would like to see if I could make up an outfit which would do her justice.

Let me show you what I came up with

I was very lucky to find the super cool art deco cigarette holder which is almost the exactly the same as the one Audrey is holding in her photo. That particular shop also does a nice range of fans and vintage items, very good for period photographs or burlesque.

This Dress is from DG gowns and it is an older item, but still outstandingly beautiful it also comes in a range of colour combinations, I did also purchase the olive and purple gown but my inventory ate it.. looks sad.. it might turn up one day. The variations available are a full prim skirt and these little floaty side panels which is the look I like best. As for my hair this updo is also an older style.. which I have for a while.. but looks so perfect for this look.. tumbled up and held with a ribbon, I think it screams for you to pull the bobbie pins out and let those locks tumble down.

Style Card

Dress : DG Gowns Eclectic Pure
Shoes Perquita Chickychic Pumps - colour change
Skin LAQ.. Laci Peach Glow Skin No.05
Eyes Ashley Redgrave Grey
Lashes Silhouette Lashes Tipped ( group gift)
Earrrings Nonna's Lady Slipper in Platinum
Hair ::69:: Miracle No.03
Cigarette Holder

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Terracotta Warrior

I have had this bra and pantie set for a while, don't wear them often even though I really like the vintage look of them, the snapshot doesn't show it, but the set also comes with a pair of stockings with lace tops, however I wanted to wear my sculpty shoes and of course the two don't mix very well.

So Emerald is not working for me very well at the moment so I am stuck using V1.23 so no clever sunsets or sunrises.. in order to create a nice background I headed for a photosphere which is an excellent photographic tool.

My choice was a urban background to which I increased the ratio to 1 and also changed the hue to orange/rust to reflect the colour of the lingerie and being totally limited with regards to my environmental controls, all I did was to move the sun over a bit. You can see the difference in the two photos,obviously the second photo is much clearer with Suede highlighted against the background.

Style card

Lingerie LB Teracotta Lexi Lingerie
Skin LAQ Laci -08 Peach Glow Skin Hairbase
Sandals Aoharu Walk Suede Lace Up Sandals in Camel
Hair ::69:: Modelhair 02


Thursday, May 13, 2010

How dark is the night ?

I was a bit bored and started to play with the light settings, all of these flowers are no mod and set to full bright, which to be honest is a total pain,. however, if your turn your enviromental controls to midnight.. then a unsual photo opportunity presents itself.. you now have day-glow flowers in the middle of the night, just like the catus plant who only ever flowers at night, Queen of the Night. Although I have daisies and poppie it is working for me :D.

The Flowers were purchased from Feast

The only other adjustment I made was the light angle and also the Gamma which I turned up slightly so that Suede would be a bit brighter.

Style Card
Dress: Ancient group gift (2009)
Skin: Laroki
Hair Zero - Milca
Location - IronChurch in Zindra
Poses - AO made up by me.. most poses from either DZ Papp or LAP


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fashion Couture

Series of phtos for the superELITE banner.

I needed to make a banner for the superELITE blog and I wanted to use a couture style photograph which meant I need an exceptional outfit and and unusual angle. As the blog is about fashion, the model was not important what was important was to emphasis the clothes.

Below is a series of raw shots I took for the banner which I then polished on photoshop. check out the superELITE blog for the finished Banner

Style card
Dress - Paper couture - Romantic (available on XstreetSL)
Hair - Paper Tiger by curio
Skin - Allison gift skin from Belleza
Earrings - Slipper from Noona Hedges (very old - maybe not available)