Thursday, May 27, 2010


Chi 124,50,22

Chi is a beautiful sim with lots of oriental influences around, a huge Buddha, just like the one on Lantau island in Hong Kong, I have been there in RL.. that Buddha is beautiful and huge and so impressive, but I decided to focus on the gorgeous little pagoda for these shots with two sampans moored next to it.

I wanted to experiment taking some landscape shots which I haven't done in a while.
the following photos are all taken with the 1.23 viewer as Emerald still hates my graphic card. Bring me a new computer Santa AppleMac.. I needs it.. I wants it, my precious....


1st My favorite
Gelatto setting
Graphics set to Ultra

Barcelona setting
Graphics setting to Ultra
East angle 0.84
Cloud coverage 30
Cloud scale 15

Incongruents truths
Graphics set to Ultra
East Angle 0.69

So there you have it.. all the photos are pretty nice.. depends on what kind of atmosphere you want for your shot.


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