Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Audrey, Audrey

I was watching one of Audrey Hepburn's classic movies a couple of nights ago and thought I would like to see if I could make up an outfit which would do her justice.

Let me show you what I came up with

I was very lucky to find the super cool art deco cigarette holder which is almost the exactly the same as the one Audrey is holding in her photo. That particular shop also does a nice range of fans and vintage items, very good for period photographs or burlesque.

This Dress is from DG gowns and it is an older item, but still outstandingly beautiful it also comes in a range of colour combinations, I did also purchase the olive and purple gown but my inventory ate it.. looks sad.. it might turn up one day. The variations available are a full prim skirt and these little floaty side panels which is the look I like best. As for my hair this updo is also an older style.. which I have for a while.. but looks so perfect for this look.. tumbled up and held with a ribbon, I think it screams for you to pull the bobbie pins out and let those locks tumble down.

Style Card

Dress : DG Gowns Eclectic Pure
Shoes Perquita Chickychic Pumps - colour change
Skin LAQ.. Laci Peach Glow Skin No.05
Eyes Ashley Redgrave Grey
Lashes Silhouette Lashes Tipped ( group gift)
Earrrings Nonna's Lady Slipper in Platinum
Hair ::69:: Miracle No.03
Cigarette Holder

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