Thursday, May 13, 2010

How dark is the night ?

I was a bit bored and started to play with the light settings, all of these flowers are no mod and set to full bright, which to be honest is a total pain,. however, if your turn your enviromental controls to midnight.. then a unsual photo opportunity presents itself.. you now have day-glow flowers in the middle of the night, just like the catus plant who only ever flowers at night, Queen of the Night. Although I have daisies and poppie it is working for me :D.

The Flowers were purchased from Feast

The only other adjustment I made was the light angle and also the Gamma which I turned up slightly so that Suede would be a bit brighter.

Style Card
Dress: Ancient group gift (2009)
Skin: Laroki
Hair Zero - Milca
Location - IronChurch in Zindra
Poses - AO made up by me.. most poses from either DZ Papp or LAP


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