Saturday, May 22, 2010

Terracotta Warrior

I have had this bra and pantie set for a while, don't wear them often even though I really like the vintage look of them, the snapshot doesn't show it, but the set also comes with a pair of stockings with lace tops, however I wanted to wear my sculpty shoes and of course the two don't mix very well.

So Emerald is not working for me very well at the moment so I am stuck using V1.23 so no clever sunsets or sunrises.. in order to create a nice background I headed for a photosphere which is an excellent photographic tool.

My choice was a urban background to which I increased the ratio to 1 and also changed the hue to orange/rust to reflect the colour of the lingerie and being totally limited with regards to my environmental controls, all I did was to move the sun over a bit. You can see the difference in the two photos,obviously the second photo is much clearer with Suede highlighted against the background.

Style card

Lingerie LB Teracotta Lexi Lingerie
Skin LAQ Laci -08 Peach Glow Skin Hairbase
Sandals Aoharu Walk Suede Lace Up Sandals in Camel
Hair ::69:: Modelhair 02


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