Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Halloween tale...

One dark winter night, whilst sitting in our city apartment my Babushka, sat down with me in front of the fire and told me the sad, sad tale of Tsarevna Yuliya. As Babushka spoke, the fire died down and the light grew dim and she spoke of the forest at the edge of the village so dark and mysterious, People would not travel the forest path after dusk or before dawn and on Halloween, people would not even speak it's Name.. Belogorsk, in Mother Russia deep within the Kemerovo Oblast.

Yuliya was in love with a tailor son and would often walk through the forest to meet him in the grove that lay in the center, but unknown to either of these ill fated lovers, the tailors' son had caught the eye of another. A witch of sorts lived within the forest and spied the young man walking in the moonlight and had vowed to have him for herself. So she cast a spell upon him, a evil cruel spell which turned him into a shadow of himself, a living yet not living a creature of the night.

From Suede

So, as she hurried to meet with her love, she did not know what had become of him and she found his enchanted body on the forest floor, the leaves drifting over him, covering him. She bent to kiss him, and he open his eyes, but not the eyes she recognized, blank empty, enchanted eyes, not the eyes of her lover, but then he was able to speak to her, and to gather her up in his arms and tell her he was he one true love. For many nights the Yuliya continued to meet her love in the forest, but the tailors son could never return to the village, changed as he was and rumours spread about a creature of the night, and it was decided that the a group of the village men would go and capture the beast and if not capture then kill. With many men and guns, the villagers entered the forest, and along within the group was the father, the tailor. Who feared his son had been taken by the creature, as it had been many weeks since his beloved son disappeared without a trace. He crept slowly around the grotto and spied the creature sitting quietly upon a rock and lifted his rifle to take aim, as the creature turn, he recognised him.. Father he cried, and ran towards him. The terrified tailor took aim and shot the creature a mortal wound between the eyes.

Yuliya, heard the shot and knew, and ran to grotto, and held her lover in her arms, as he died and as the enchantment fell away,his father realised how he had taken the life of his only son.In her grief and horror, Yuliya picked a mushroom from the forest floor, and ate it, to join her lover in death.

From Suede

From Suede

From Suede

It is said that the fated lovers still meet in the grotto on All Hallows Eve, the night on which they both met their doom.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Bailar hasta que muera

Dance until you die.....Bailar hasta que muera

I was talking a real life friend about the Mexican Day of the Dead, Día de los Muertos,and she mentioned to me about the La Calavera Catrina and I remembered that I had this fantastic Flamenco gown, and some great huge black fans, and when I saw the mask available from Cheerno for free, I had my look. I am sorry the dress is not available any more, it is a transfer item which I have had since 08, but I am sure you can find something similar.

Play the music with the slideshow, I thought you used to be able to add music to these slideshow, but I couldnt seem to do it, so maybe I was mistaken.

Sorry for any spelling mistakes with my Spanish.

Style Card
Skin Laci 03 PeachGlow LAQ
Hair Kalea/charcoal Exile
Shoes Spangle Stiletto heels, coco summer choice
Tattoo Male Gift, Instore now, Cheerno
Dress Gee Flamenco Dress( sorry no longer available)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Autumn Tones, Switching up the Look

From Suede

I decided with autumn here, I might go for a warmer look myself, so I bought myself a whole range of hair in Warm golden tones and to match , I started obsessive shopping for scarfs and sweaters and animal prints.

From Suede

Phoenix Rising is having a huge huge sale, with the outfits selling for a minuscule 25Lindens. I bought a lot of things, and I am sure everyone else is buying up the shop too, and bonus they have quite a lot of really decent Men's things.

The outfit I am showing you in these pictures is great leopard print corset top with matching trousers and of course just the right colours to show off my new look.

From Suede

Style Card.
Hair Uncle Web, Robin ( Men's Hair lmao)

LAQ Nellie Peach Glow #09

Clothes Phoenix Rising Leo's Pride ( closing down run over there fast)

!Shampooo Main Store !, Sylph (11, 229, 22)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fairy Princess and the Unicorn foal

From Suede

So a lot of my friends in Second Life have got involved with the Amaretto Breedable Horses and one of my closest friends in Sl.. Nerin Magic called me over tonight, all excited as apparently her pregnant mare has given birth to a very special little moneyba....errr sorry Pony.

She said did I wanna see and of course I did, it is very cute and apparently it is called Purity and it is a *Charmed Pegacorn*.

From Suede

So I always liked a photo opportunity and I might as well, take a photo with a pony I can never afford, grins. think I will stick with Zooby's little cuddly friends, I have a new cat actually, think I will do a photo shoot on him next. but for these shots I wanted to do fairy/elf kinda look, if I had thought about it I should have made myself really small with a child shape would have been really sickysweet cute.

From Suede

Style Card
Dress Evie's closet - Rowena in white
Skin LAQ Nellie Peach glow #05
Wings Callie Cline, part of an outfit called Swan
Hair Analog Dog Dive Expresso


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Romance , Strawberry Singh's Blogger challenge

Romance Romance

I love reading Berry's Blog and I love a good challenge and so here is my contribution, I love flowers in real life and I love pink as well,and isnt pink the colour of romance and so...... the field of lillies at Japan Tempura Island has been my photoshoot favourite spot for a long time and so I went back there to take these photos. I am wearing the pink version of the Lia dress from Glitterati by Sapphire.

From Suede

Style Card

Hair Analog Dog April Expresso
Skin LAQ Nellie Peach 04
Dress Glitterati Lia
Location Japan Tempura Island
Windlight AL, Studio Bright

and a final picture so you can see this lovely gown in all it's glory.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sequins and Jeans

I haven't been blogging for a while as my SL/RL, got a bit crazy, but anyway here I am back, I was told that Phoenix Raising is closing and that the whole shop was on sale, quite an amazing sale really, most items are only 25L with the new viewer you can attach two items to one point, which means that all those beautiful dresses with matching glitch pants can now become a very cool top, which is what I have done here.

On my mad shopping spree ( oh I mean therapy) I also bought this cute jacket from Redgrave with furry cuffs at the elbows, which I joined onto the gloves from this dress, it fit perfectly, I was lucky

I teamed up my outfit with some cute scraggly hair with a flat cap from Emo.tions and turned my Windlight settings to a doom and gloom look, and moved my sun and moon slider along until the shadows were just where I wanted them.

Style Card
Jeans Coco
Shirt Top half of Touch Outfit
Skin Nellie#01 Peach Laqroki
Hair Natalie/black Emo.tions