Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fairy Princess and the Unicorn foal

From Suede

So a lot of my friends in Second Life have got involved with the Amaretto Breedable Horses and one of my closest friends in Sl.. Nerin Magic called me over tonight, all excited as apparently her pregnant mare has given birth to a very special little moneyba....errr sorry Pony.

She said did I wanna see and of course I did, it is very cute and apparently it is called Purity and it is a *Charmed Pegacorn*.

From Suede

So I always liked a photo opportunity and I might as well, take a photo with a pony I can never afford, grins. think I will stick with Zooby's little cuddly friends, I have a new cat actually, think I will do a photo shoot on him next. but for these shots I wanted to do fairy/elf kinda look, if I had thought about it I should have made myself really small with a child shape would have been really sickysweet cute.

From Suede

Style Card
Dress Evie's closet - Rowena in white
Skin LAQ Nellie Peach glow #05
Wings Callie Cline, part of an outfit called Swan
Hair Analog Dog Dive Expresso


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