Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Enchanted Dolls

सुंदर मंत्रमुग्ध गुड़िया

I was wandering around the net and found this incredible site, which features beautiful ultra realistic dolls with tattoos, wonderful clothes and adornments, they really reminded me of our Avatars. They are created by Marina Bychkova, who lives in Toronto, Canda.

Her dolls have been featured in Magazines, such as the UK based Love magazine modelling Louis Vitton Clothing, there are also exhibitions featuring her creations.

On her blog she also has a lovely fanart section, which I enjoyed looking through and I might submit some Second Life based pictures based on her dolls, if I can just get the right skin and hair, I am sure I can, thinks Japanese sims.

I have a henna tattoo myself and I decided to see if I could make similar images to the ones you see here from the Enchanted doll site.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Marie Helvin Iconic

Marie Helvin was a supermodel in the 80's, married to the incredible photographer David Bailey, This is them pictured above.I have always admired her, she was so famous and so beautiful and glamorous. This shot below is one of her iconic shots, a more famous shot is one of her naked, but it's not appropriate to show it here, David Bailey published a book filled with only photos of Marie called Trouble and Strife which is cockney rhyming slang for wife.

I tried really hard to get the pose right.. but I just couldn't so I went for as near as I could.but I was very pleased with the hair and the dress which are almost perfect.

The dress is Harlow from Ibizzare, with the new Nellie skin from LAQ, Hair from Truth, old retired stock sorry, from one of his previous sales and I also have on Stiletto Moody's Aubergine Boots, but I know you cannot see them.

This lovely face is the new face from LAQ Nellie's it looking great in black and white, imagine how terrific it looks is beautiful glowing soft colour.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Artemtis corset

I bought this beautiful lacey corset and knickers set from Chic Boutique ages ago, but never blogged it. There is also a ballgown which is very similar in look, I bought that as well. The wings I borrowed from a friend and I have forgotten to ask her where they were from, but as you can see they are a perfect colour match.

Style Card
Skin - Glance Frieda (gift skin from the Fashionista Hunt)
Undies Chic Boutique Artmetis

I played with the windlight settings of course, I managed to turn the sky blue and the tree black and then turned up the gamma to highlight the avatar's body, this time I did not use a preset, I basically just slid the buttons up and down until it looked good.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Griffin with shadows

Meet Giffin,

Bitter's 1st Rezzday was a couple of days back on Saturday and I wanted to get him a gift and so it had to be something great, so I got him this dog from Zooby's he is so realistic, he has a huge menu of poses, expressions, and animations. Bitter named him Griffin and he also comes with a basket, lead and food and water bowls.

You can also allow people you designate to have control over him too, I can pet him and call him and take him out on the lead, I love him, think I might have bought him for myself, shush don't tell.

and onto the shadows,

I am using Kirstens Viewer at the moment, I did download both replacements for Emerald, Phoenix and Emergence both, but I have not started to use them yet. Anyway's so Kirsten's has this cool shadow feature

On the second picture I turned off the shadows and of course in the first picture the shadow of the tree is in the background behind the dog., I definately need to experiment more, but I am already thinking about all the cool things I could do with these shadows.

> Graphics
> Lighting, shadows and ambient
>Select Sun/moon and shadows
>Use shadow quality control slider
> Choose your windlight setting
>Take your snapshot on high rezz setting

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pink and Blue in Alirium

Donna Flora and Ibizarre

I really like those huge bunnies that I featured a couple of blogs ago and I read somewhere that there were more in Alirium, so I had to go and see, there are a few huge bunnies but they are centered in the landing point, and I was hoping for them to be dotted around everywhere.

But no matter, the sim was very pretty and more than suitable to show of this very pretty blouse from Donna Flora, which I matched up with pink leather pants from Ibizarre which are almost the same colour. I have YS&YS Rainbow shoes on my feet which i picked up at TDR a few weeks ago and as normal my LAQ skin and my new red look which I never take off.

I am a big animal lover in rl although my favorite furry friend is a cat, I did used to have a rabbit called Tickle and I do have a major soft spot for Bunnies and I would love to sit and have the animals and birds come over to say hi.... just like Mary Poppins.

I do have my own little Bunnie to cuddle from Happy Mood, Bitter bought her for me, she likes to snuggle, her little nose is always twitching, she is actually very realistic, Anyway enough rambling from me on a Saturday Night.

Style Card.
Shoes YS & YS Rainbow Bianco TDR
Pants Ibizarre Pink Leather Pants
Skin LAQ Laci 06 Peach
Top Donna Flora, Sammy
Earrings ZC Nizamn Jhumka

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Skin, New Look

LAQ Skin

Laci Peach 01.. my regular look and favourite skin

I have decided I want a new skin, and of course I have gone back to LAQ, I know other skins are just as nice, but I am a creature of habit and for the price of under L2000, well that seals the deal for me.

So I went there today all kitted out in my new red hairbase and eyebrows, I am going auburn for sure for the Autumn.

Here are the 5 skins I like the best.. not sure which suits me best, please feel free to drop me a comment and suggest to me which you like on my shape.

Pearl Peach 01
Molly Peach 01
Alison Peach 01
Isabel Peach o1 ( brand new release)
Phoebe Peach 01

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dress in Coco

The Casual Friday Look

One of my favourite outfits in Second Life is almost all Coco, I often wear a similar look in real life especially in the autumn. So I teamed up this jacket and shirt set up with the distressed jeans and with little black boots from Maitreya, a gift from a while back, I added the gift belt just to finish the look, just for a change I am wearing the ORTA gift skin, light brows and blonde hair from Analog dog.

The stool I am using to pose on, is from the What Next vintage set I blogged several posts ago, I coloured changed the stool to light blue to match the colour theme of the picture. I must admit I am in love with the stool it is so versatile.

Style Card
Jeans - Coco
Belt Coco - gift board
Jacket & Shirt Coco
Boots - Maitreya Gift
Skin - ORTA Lola
Hair - Analog Dog Ais Ash
Eyes - Redgrave Ashley Grey
Shape - Custom
Pose - What next Vintage Stool

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Analog Dog, Past to Present

Analog Dog

One of my favourite designers has released some new hair with attachments for your shoulders, it is such a great idea, no more hair prims, poking through your body and neck, the effect is truly lovely. I bought 2 styles, Dive which is below with lots of luscious curls, and Ais which is featured above , a flowing straight style, I keep switching between the two I cannot decide which I prefer.

With all the fuss over the hair fair I thought I would join in with a little hair worship myself. I have loved Analog Dog since I first bought Lola, what a revalation that hair was, I dragged all my friends to Queue's store to buy it. I have a ton of this hair and so I did some composite shots of my favourite styles, I have a couple more.. but these are the best.

Here is my take on my hair
Cafe.. is just 1930's glamour
Lola and Madision.. show me the way to the Elves
Emma.. Victorian style.. where did I leave my parasol
Sasha , Just call me Emma Peel
Ais and Dive, modern day style.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sudbrook - Luxury Homesteads

Sudbrook, Beautiful Luxury Homes with waterfront.

Bitter is the Estate Manager for a incredible new homestead sim, luxury properties with beautiful Japanese/tikki style houses with waterfront views.. they are really gorgeous and only 4 properties on the entire sim.

I could talk forever about them but I will just let the photographs talk for themselves, contact Bitterdrinker Varnish for all the revelant details.

Hillside Plot, this plot also backs onto the mountain in the center of the island with a flowing waterfall.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Plurky Challenge ,Oldies but Goodies

I have been looking at the other bloggers who have also been doing this challenge and seeing old designers long gone from the fashion scene in Second Life, I also have a collection of Last Call Dresses and outfits from back in the day. It was so difficult to choose.

So here we have my offering, my favourite store for the longest time was Bijou and I was a devout Tuli skin wearer and Analog hair, my first purchase was Lola, anyone remember that hair it was such a revelation.

Style Card

Bijou Gig in Beige
DeLa Madeline in Leopard
Tuli Natalie
Hair - Analog Dog April in Dark

My Poses are from LAP * Long Awkward Pose* - Dove Swanson, actually I have a huge inventory of Dove's poses, back when she was starting out she offered to send out poses to her friends so we could try them out and feedback to her. Grins she was dropping pose sets on me left and right and of course Dove's work is so great.. I wasn't gonna stop her. :), One of the ones I like best is her Emo set.. all forlorn and sad.. makes for great atmosphere.

Why did I choose this outfit, I really like the texture of the dress basically and the belt is drawn in, but looks terrific and realistic even close up. I have a lot of different boots but I have always liked this leopard skins ones the best.. might be something to do with the red sole, cant imagine who it reminds me off. LMAO and now with the new viewer I can make this tuck into my jeans for a great winter look, I love how many new tops I have now with this, maybe I should do a post on that.


Analog Dog


Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's A Hard Knock Second Life

For nearly a week now, I have been living my life as a particle cloud, it has been awful, I tried everything to fix it, read every blog and tried every suggestion, eventually yesterday on Kirsten's forums . I posted a frantic help me and someone suggested something I had not seen before, change all the layers including *eyebrows*.

I borrowed a friends computer and download SL onto it.. one which is much faster and newer than my old heap, and proceeded to give Suede a male shape, skin etc etc, so I would'nt by habit load up my normal items on Suede without realizing.. it worked and when I got home to my own computer and open up SL.. Suede loaded looking exactly how I had left her. We did try it before with Bitter loading up Suede from his computer (BTW.. he did say it was weird using my avi), but that time I told him to reload Suede's normal look.. I assume that is why it didnt work, cause I was back to a cloud when I logged her back on.. which left both Bitter and I shaking our heads, cause we had just spent 20 minutes * fixing* her.

So here is the final tip to de- particle cloud yourself.. when all else fails..

detach all items
detach all clothing
load default avatar.. you know that Ruth creature
then one by one reload your everything.. making sure that everything is different from your normal avatar
shape, skin, hair, hairbase, eyebrows, clothing, log off
clear cache
log back on

and Good luck,

cause I was so ready to stab someone with Kitchen knife, I am happy to be back to blogging.. I have a couple of new designers interviews to post on SuperElite and some great clothes from a friend who is just entering the clothing business.