Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Griffin with shadows

Meet Giffin,

Bitter's 1st Rezzday was a couple of days back on Saturday and I wanted to get him a gift and so it had to be something great, so I got him this dog from Zooby's he is so realistic, he has a huge menu of poses, expressions, and animations. Bitter named him Griffin and he also comes with a basket, lead and food and water bowls.

You can also allow people you designate to have control over him too, I can pet him and call him and take him out on the lead, I love him, think I might have bought him for myself, shush don't tell.

and onto the shadows,

I am using Kirstens Viewer at the moment, I did download both replacements for Emerald, Phoenix and Emergence both, but I have not started to use them yet. Anyway's so Kirsten's has this cool shadow feature

On the second picture I turned off the shadows and of course in the first picture the shadow of the tree is in the background behind the dog., I definately need to experiment more, but I am already thinking about all the cool things I could do with these shadows.

> Graphics
> Lighting, shadows and ambient
>Select Sun/moon and shadows
>Use shadow quality control slider
> Choose your windlight setting
>Take your snapshot on high rezz setting

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