Sunday, September 12, 2010

Analog Dog, Past to Present

Analog Dog

One of my favourite designers has released some new hair with attachments for your shoulders, it is such a great idea, no more hair prims, poking through your body and neck, the effect is truly lovely. I bought 2 styles, Dive which is below with lots of luscious curls, and Ais which is featured above , a flowing straight style, I keep switching between the two I cannot decide which I prefer.

With all the fuss over the hair fair I thought I would join in with a little hair worship myself. I have loved Analog Dog since I first bought Lola, what a revalation that hair was, I dragged all my friends to Queue's store to buy it. I have a ton of this hair and so I did some composite shots of my favourite styles, I have a couple more.. but these are the best.

Here is my take on my hair
Cafe.. is just 1930's glamour
Lola and Madision.. show me the way to the Elves
Emma.. Victorian style.. where did I leave my parasol
Sasha , Just call me Emma Peel
Ais and Dive, modern day style.


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