Monday, September 6, 2010

Plurky Challenge ,Oldies but Goodies

I have been looking at the other bloggers who have also been doing this challenge and seeing old designers long gone from the fashion scene in Second Life, I also have a collection of Last Call Dresses and outfits from back in the day. It was so difficult to choose.

So here we have my offering, my favourite store for the longest time was Bijou and I was a devout Tuli skin wearer and Analog hair, my first purchase was Lola, anyone remember that hair it was such a revelation.

Style Card

Bijou Gig in Beige
DeLa Madeline in Leopard
Tuli Natalie
Hair - Analog Dog April in Dark

My Poses are from LAP * Long Awkward Pose* - Dove Swanson, actually I have a huge inventory of Dove's poses, back when she was starting out she offered to send out poses to her friends so we could try them out and feedback to her. Grins she was dropping pose sets on me left and right and of course Dove's work is so great.. I wasn't gonna stop her. :), One of the ones I like best is her Emo set.. all forlorn and sad.. makes for great atmosphere.

Why did I choose this outfit, I really like the texture of the dress basically and the belt is drawn in, but looks terrific and realistic even close up. I have a lot of different boots but I have always liked this leopard skins ones the best.. might be something to do with the red sole, cant imagine who it reminds me off. LMAO and now with the new viewer I can make this tuck into my jeans for a great winter look, I love how many new tops I have now with this, maybe I should do a post on that.


Analog Dog


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