Thursday, July 29, 2010

Question - Shall I change it all

Hello.. Feedback time

I am thinking about changing the background and the banner of my blog to something more colourful and light.

I am thinking about using this photograph, what do you think .. do it? or leave well alone.

let me know thanks.. change is scary... lmao

Lorelei Maggs in Colour


Hi there,
Whilst working at my Second Life Job over at SuperElite doing my Fashionista Spot, I took the opportunity to play around with the windlight settings on Poor Lorelei.. she is a good sport, So after I finished my serious photoshoot, here are the pictures I took indulging my inner artist, I did notice that my pictures are getting more and more colourful, must be cause it is summer.

As you can see.. windlight is very flexible, the light settings I used only changed the colour of Lorelei herself, her supercool outfit from Vitabella is still the orginial colour as is the background.

I think the feeling is that fashion shoots always show the clothes most and I think that is mostly true, but it is fun to combine art with fashion and sometimes the art is the more important part of the project..

Chat Soon

* I am still busy developing our plot, so my blogging has slowed for a little . sorry*

Friday, July 23, 2010


Your Lag Free Avatar

I don't normally use my blog to let of steam but this time, I am , I cannot help it. I tried to go to the The Final Sale at the Warehouse for Armidi and also the Summer Fair supporting mental health. I have a outfit that I wear to popular events, it's a boring skin which I brighten up with tats.. no hair no ao no nothing.. so I don't lag and I don't cause others to lag either.. I wanna get in and shop and get out.

Meet Manni..... it is lagfree almost...

The amount of prims I saw at these events were unbelievable.. scripted objects everywhere.. hair over a thousand prims.. I checked one lady at 15000, I did not even know that was possible, see the picture below....

Eventually I got so frustrated I said something in open chat..and was told off and told to leave, by people wearing a whole lot more than was necessary.. I didn't because I wasn't in the wrong and second, thanks to your hair and your everything else I stood in one space unable to move for 15 minutes and after that I am not giving up.

Please people no one can see you behind the computer, it's not bossy or people trying to spoil your fun or your look, it's the limits of the computer programming and it's common sense.. Lag spoils it for everyone including you.

Go grab this skin or something similar it's from Imagen and I think I remember it is free.. see the difference it makes when you shop.

Please try

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Waterfalls, cats and flowers

I logged on a couple of days back, to a I.M. telling me to pack up my gear, cause we were moving, huh I thought. Well.. turns out that Mr. Varnish had found us a corner plot on a friends sim.,

Our idea is to make a hangout place for our friends with lots of poseballs and places to pose and take photographs. I did some work today, setting up the TP point and I wanted to share the progress with you so far and of course the first things I set in place, were waterfalls because Bitter likes them, flowers cause I like them and of course my cats.. but I only rezzed two, I did rezz seven at the old house.. whenever Bitter was offline.. shush don't tell him.

I am going to try to make a cave with a dancefloor underneath our garden, not that sure how to go about it, but I am sure I can figure it out.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Simply Me.....

Lorelei Maggs from the SuperElite Blog introduced me to Vitabela's clothes and I keep going back there and buying more stuff.. this outfit however is an incredible group gift to celebrate 2 years in SL.

The Dress is called * Simply Me* and you can get it from the main store, just join the subscribo and then click the board next to the stairway. It is really something special and I hope my photos will do it justice.

For this set of photos I just went for a colour explosion and turned my windlight settings onto Belleza. I used those cute poses with the frames built in, but for me it is limiting, as you can not get the angle you want every time, because the frame shows. I also took some studio shots with a plain background but I want to experiment with photoshop tomorrow, and I will post up the processed photos then.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle little star

Twinkle Night Bazaar

I found this little night bazaar , mostly full of Japanese Designers, with some very cute items which I quickly snapped up, the best thing about this place is that it is priced at 40L and under. I took some photos of the things I purchased, but there were lots more to purchase and many different styles and quite a lot of avatars and so I think more people are finding out about it. It is definitely worth a look. What I particularly appreciated was a small rezz zone at the end of the bazaar so you can open your boxes. I am just giving you general directions because it really is tiny, it wont take you 2 seconds to find everything I have featured here.

So I really liked this dress it is right at the end of the bazaar on the right, and has a nice texture on it.. the hair is from Kyoot from their big sale a few weeks back. The bag is also in the bazaar on the right about 6 star up fromt he beginning. I like the star detail on the back at the nap of the neck, shoes are from Aoharu.

I also really liked this dress, which is black with little sliver star on the skirt, the layers are semi-transparent which give it a really nice look when you move. Hair is April from Analog Dog.

As well as the pictures I have posted here to tempt you to visit, I also bought another white dress which is very nice and has great lacework trousers which I teamed up with another top for another complete outfit and also I bought some little pink flats.. don't know when I will wear them but I am sure something will come up.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

LOg In.. TrOuBLe....

Well today after I downloaded the new Emerald Update I have had trouble Logging in, I have to keep repeating my password before I am eventually allowed to enter the hallowed grid that is Second Life.

So In the end I gave up, and spent an hour playing around with Photoshop. These photos are the ones I was originally going to use for the Hippie Wedding Post ( the Style card is exactly the same with the exception of the hair. which is Mirai, I know you all recognise it..

Anyway I thought it was such pity to waste them so here is my can't log into SL collage.

Sighs.. I really wanted to check out the new Dressing room stuff too.. stamps foot.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Dressing Room.. Tuli

I used to wear Tuli skins all the time and then eventually I just wanted a different look and so I moved to LeLutka and then onto LAQ as I wanted a softer more natural look, but these new skins that are being sold at the Dressing Room, seem to really suit my face. So I made a small composite picture of the three that have
been offered so far, and I noticed that Tuli added a beauty spot on the cheek, on her last two.

The Hair is from Analog Dog.. it is called April and the lashes were a freebie from Staged I think about a year ago.

Week 1

Week 2
Week 3

I have a cool skin review planned for the next couple of days.. it's every skin I ever wore, man do I look terrible in those early photos.. you will have to come back and see and have a giggle with me.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Somebody to love....

Something old something new something borrowed and something blue
Here I am again, back on my cheapskate suggestions, this time I decided to do a hippie/beach style wedding. I did take some nice studio shots which I intended to use.. but some gorgeous man decided he needed to be in the shot as well.

Well I suppose he is right.. what point is the bride without a bridegroom and so here we have the happy couple... even though they got hitched months ago..we also changed some things.. first we have outdoor shots taken at our home in Second Life and we have used poses from Glitterati who still have a sale on until 15th July I think.

He wanted to wear his long hippie hair.. which he was right it fits the theme, but I got a thing for his buzz cut... so I whinned a bit and he took it off.. laughs.

Style Card
Skin LAQ - Laci Peach Glow No.5 Hairbase pre-owned
Hair LAQ - Kira 2, pre-owned ( 350L)
Bikini top Aoharu BT Flowerban swimsuit 195L
Skirt Leezu Zarah Flexiskirt - soft white 195L
Veil - Evie's Closet Melusine Veil Double Tier 100L
Lei Wink white floral Lei - pre owned
Poses - Glitterati 2 poses used (sale on now 100L per pose) 200L
Earrings U&R Dogs.. camping gift Adagio Piearce Earrings 0L

Style Card.. errrrrrr hummmmm
Skin.. ???
Hair??".. sorry he is so secretive you can try asking him yourself.

And like usual I had to go find a video to suit.. and Jefferson Airplane.. does it for me.. close your eyes and listen to that voice...