Monday, July 12, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle little star

Twinkle Night Bazaar

I found this little night bazaar , mostly full of Japanese Designers, with some very cute items which I quickly snapped up, the best thing about this place is that it is priced at 40L and under. I took some photos of the things I purchased, but there were lots more to purchase and many different styles and quite a lot of avatars and so I think more people are finding out about it. It is definitely worth a look. What I particularly appreciated was a small rezz zone at the end of the bazaar so you can open your boxes. I am just giving you general directions because it really is tiny, it wont take you 2 seconds to find everything I have featured here.

So I really liked this dress it is right at the end of the bazaar on the right, and has a nice texture on it.. the hair is from Kyoot from their big sale a few weeks back. The bag is also in the bazaar on the right about 6 star up fromt he beginning. I like the star detail on the back at the nap of the neck, shoes are from Aoharu.

I also really liked this dress, which is black with little sliver star on the skirt, the layers are semi-transparent which give it a really nice look when you move. Hair is April from Analog Dog.

As well as the pictures I have posted here to tempt you to visit, I also bought another white dress which is very nice and has great lacework trousers which I teamed up with another top for another complete outfit and also I bought some little pink flats.. don't know when I will wear them but I am sure something will come up.

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