Saturday, August 28, 2010

kirstens viewer - landscape shoot

Imagine Romance Sim.. Wishing well.. Photoshoot location.

So, I have been having a bit of trouble logging into SL, I am using Kirsten's viewer and the landscape rezzes up at top speed and looks terrific, however Suede is not so lucky she is a permanent cloud avi. I tested this out with a rl friend who is also on SL, her avi loads up just great. so it has to be a glitch with Suede herself.. but for the life of me I cannot work out what the problem is.

So.. I took some landscape shots instead.

This lovely Fairy wishing well and forest is next to a bridal shop on the Imagine Romance sim. I didn't see any pose balls.. but I am sure you could take some great photos here if you have a hud you can use instead.

This shot is on the default setting.. still not bad.. but I did turn my graphics right up.

This shot was taken using KL Purple.. so the sky in the background has a nice purple sheen to it and also the colour highlights certain flowers in foreground of the shot.

This shot believe it or not I used the night setting and turn the gamma slider up to 2.10, I really liked the effect of the blue sky and the darker foreground.

Well, I also have a ton of great fashion to post but until I can fix my cloud issue, I cannot do it, if anyone has an idea of how to fix it. I would be grateful.

  • Tried rebake textures
  • Tried Character test
  • Tried renewing everything including skin and shape
  • Cleared my cache manually
  • Tried threatening, sulking and using foul language

Monday, August 23, 2010

Photographic Props

What Next Vintage Dressing Screen and Stool

Rather than a fashion post this is a post about a really great photography prop.

The * what next* Vintage Dressing Screen and Stool pose set is truly excellent, both pieces have about 10 poses in each and even though the stool and the screen come as a pair they are not linked, so you can move them around to get the shot you like. Both stool and screen are scripted colour change, which I didn't realise when I bought them.

Some of the poses on the stool, will work for a man, so the options are really large and I know the clothing is not very clear on these photos as I used the *camp champ* windlight setting on them, but the corset is actually cream coloured.

Style Card ( for what it is worth)
Hair Lelutka group gift, Rush Firetop, scripted colour change band, available now
Shoes Kookie Phoebe Brown
Jewelry Zaara
Corset & Stockings, Runo runo 5 minutes to curtain,
(I bought this at a special event a couple of months back).

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Geometric Black & White

I picked up this dress up several weeks ago at the Dressing Room, which I am sure many of you did as well, so I didn't want to be boring and just do a blog on a dress everyone has seen already, which I teamed up with silver Prestige Boots and hair from Exile. So I clicked on my trusty Photoshop icon and here is what I came up with, and at the bottom of the post I will give you the settings I used.

I was considering that the bright white spot was too bright, but when I darkened it down, I found the quality of the image was reduced, and so I decided to leave it.

Photoshop Settings

Under Distort, Diffuse Glow
Grain 7
Glow 12
Clear 17

Under Filter, Render
Lighting effects, just adjust until you have the effect you like

Oh and P.S. I did notice I have a typo on the first picture, but I have flu and I am too lazy to go back and fix it.. I can spell Geometric, I just cannot type it... :P

Monday, August 2, 2010

Move over Bitter, it's Mr. Bunnie Rabbit

When I was scouting out the new stuff at TDRB, I decided to wander outside the shop and found, Mr. Bunnie.. Oh My Goodness.. what a Bunnie.. so I just had to take photos with him, he had lots of poses and I had fun.

Style Card

Mr Bunnie.. from Happy Mood/Places
Jeans Aoharu - boyfriend Jeans
Top Zaara Xacuti Bikini Top
Shoes Ingenue Audrei Teal
Skin. LAQ.. Laci No.5
Hair LAQ Kira II

Run Rabbit run rabbit run run run, Bitter gonna get you with his gun gun gun... takes another look, maybe not.. your kinda big.. more like Bitter run ..LMAO

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Stay in the Shade at SuperElite Hunt"

"Stay in the Shade at SuperElite Hunt"

As well as my own blog I am also the editor for the SuperElite Blog which is based on the fashionisa sim, well it is having a exciting hunt ( 7/31-8/15) wonderful gifts provided by our designers:

Ala Folie
(More designers will be added throughout the next 2 weeks)

The Hunt prize from Purple Moon and it comes with the hat

And the instore gift of a black top

and I just heard that Glance is participating in the hunt at SuperElite it is an exclusive version of the recent release, "Freida", that is only available through this hunt, Haven't had time to go and grab it yet.. It will be fun to see this skin on lots of different shapes.. maybe we could make a collage. thinks.. maybe we should.. yeah send me photos of you wearing that skin.

Anyway back to the important business of hunting
Look for the "cool shades" and enjoy!!!!!!

See you on the Hunt