Saturday, August 28, 2010

kirstens viewer - landscape shoot

Imagine Romance Sim.. Wishing well.. Photoshoot location.

So, I have been having a bit of trouble logging into SL, I am using Kirsten's viewer and the landscape rezzes up at top speed and looks terrific, however Suede is not so lucky she is a permanent cloud avi. I tested this out with a rl friend who is also on SL, her avi loads up just great. so it has to be a glitch with Suede herself.. but for the life of me I cannot work out what the problem is.

So.. I took some landscape shots instead.

This lovely Fairy wishing well and forest is next to a bridal shop on the Imagine Romance sim. I didn't see any pose balls.. but I am sure you could take some great photos here if you have a hud you can use instead.

This shot is on the default setting.. still not bad.. but I did turn my graphics right up.

This shot was taken using KL Purple.. so the sky in the background has a nice purple sheen to it and also the colour highlights certain flowers in foreground of the shot.

This shot believe it or not I used the night setting and turn the gamma slider up to 2.10, I really liked the effect of the blue sky and the darker foreground.

Well, I also have a ton of great fashion to post but until I can fix my cloud issue, I cannot do it, if anyone has an idea of how to fix it. I would be grateful.

  • Tried rebake textures
  • Tried Character test
  • Tried renewing everything including skin and shape
  • Cleared my cache manually
  • Tried threatening, sulking and using foul language

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