Sunday, June 27, 2010

Haute Couture Wedding

I am in Bliss.....

So I am continuing with my cheapskate wedding hunt and I know for some brides the dress has to be more.. more..more... so with that in mind and a nod in the direction of Carrie Bradshaw, how I loved that show.. let me present the couture entry,

Remember the Budget was 1200L

Style Card
Hair : Dressing Room Blue Boon 70L
Dress : Bliss Couture 390L ** whoop whoop.. they have a sale on right now 50% off**
Veil : Evie's Gowns - Melusine Veil Double tier 100L
Flowers: Fresh Cut Bouquet Xstreetsl 100L
Hair Flowers : Flower Power Calla Lillies 45L
Necklace : Mandala Necklace Lotus 225L
Skin : LAQ Laci. Glow Peach - Pre-owned

Grand total 930L

I was going to add a little dragon I have in my inventory, on my shoulder, but I thought it was too much, and it would put me over the budget too.. laughs, plus that little monster breathes fire I think I would have gone up like a Christmas tree, so I have one more entry planned for the series which is a beach one.. a nice hippie wedding. I got the clothes just need to take the photos, I will get them up in a couple of days.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Burlesque... it's so

Le Moulin Rouge or should that be Le Moulin Rose...

Inworld we have so many fashion choices and one of my favourite looks is High Costume, and as I have a thing for cabaret and burlesque outfits when I found the above outfit, well out came my Lindens as quick as anything.,I love 1930's Berlin, smokey Jazz Joints, and dark corners where you can nurse your drink as you watch the stage.

In this frame of mind I put together the following outfit, using a selection of the items available in The Dressing Room and also the new Dressing Room Blue.

The detail on this dress is outstanding, lots of intricate lace and embroidery and also the feather skirt is amazingly well executed. There is also another outfit very similar available which I actually liked the stockings better, they had lovely bows on them, but I liked the skirt best on this creation and that is what made me buy it.

Style Card
Skin: LAQ Lacie Peach Glow 03
Hair: Boon XFE275 Purple Dressing Room Blue
Dress: Moulin Rouge Dress - Vita's Boudoir
Ring: Zaara Bobble Ring
Shoes: YS&YS Open Stilletto Baby Dressing Room Blue
Animation: Lust TIS

The are many Burlesque Joints in SecondLife, some are more authentic than others, but I am sure wearing this outfit to any of them will be a fashion statement and a head turner.

Hands the Magnolia Wine to Bitter..


Friday, June 11, 2010


Someone mentioned this little site to me, you can upload your photos and make a slide show it has quite a lot of options and choices. I had fun for half an hour.

I had a bit of trouble getting rid of the song, I kept trying to swap it for Valarie which I love. but shrugs

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue

The Classic Bride

So here I am again with my second installment of my wedding cheapskate hunt.. this time I went for a classic look.. simple elegance.

I really liked this dress because it is understated, the prim roses on the waist can be removed and you can have the dress with or without the train. I noticed I haven't got a veil.. but flowers in my hair again.. I will find a veil for the next one.

Style Card
Skin Lacie 01 [Peach] Glow skin LAQ Pre-owned
Hair LAQ Kira_2 Pre-owned
Hair Flower Power CallaLillies 50L
Dress *Icing* Joli Bouquet - white 350L
Zaara Necklace 225L ( on sale right now 50% off)
Zaara Armband 175L ( o n sale right now 50% off)
Bouquet Fresh Bouquet ( xstreetsl) 100L
Aoharu Strapped Ankle white Pre-owned
Grand Total 900L

If anyone has suggestions.. where I can go to look for great cheap wedding stuff, do I.M. me inworld and send me in the right direction.. ta

two, three six , five June 9th

So I contributed to the * 2365* blog, a little blurb about my life, typically for me I ran my mouth off and submitted 550 words.. which Trace had to edit.

I would love you to take a look.. and a little teaser .. the dress I am wearing is *not yet released* new Glam gown from Lexi Roxan.. but more about that closer to the offical release date - I think Lexi said about a week or so, as it is having jewelry and shoes added to the set.

I will set up a page within this blog with the full unbridged blabbing on version of my submission, but you might wanna consider.. do a little blog of your own.. eh.. folks.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue

Suede's cheapskate wedding ideas.....:P

Well, It's June people and in Second Life just the same as real life, people are rushing to get partnered up, at least 3 of my girlie pals are getting hitched, and I have been shopping with them.

Well they have been shopping and I have been saying.. how much.. and they have been saying.. 3000 lindens.. and I have been saying.. wtf.. So anyway it got me thinking. Weddings in SL are expensive just like real life, of course when you spend that kind of Lindens on a gown.. yes you look lovely.. really lovely.. but hang on a sec.. can we do it cheaper.

So here is what I did. I have a budget of 1200L that is it and I have to get the dress and accessories and hair and the skin and shoes.. in order to kit my bride out, and I can use anything in my inventory I all already have, so sorry in advance if you see something you like which is not available any more.

Modern Bride
Skin Lacie 01 [Peach] Glow skin LAQ Pre-owned
Hair (LH_hair_13_rabi_black_M) 200L
Earrings Second Mirage available on xstreetsl Pre-owned
Lace Gloves Reasonable Desires Wedding Cancan 199L
Dress RunoRuno Hyperkinectic Dress White 50L
Shoes Perquita Cutie Pie in White 99L
Bouquet Fresh cut Bouquet ( xstreetsl) 100L
Grand Total 658L

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Two Three Six Five

While I was browsing the feeds tonight I came across a very interesting project.

I pulled this straight off his blog so it is in Italics for that reason.....

Two Three Six Five is a glimpse into the lives of 365 different Second Life residents around the world throughout the course of a year, and a literary model of the way their virtual and physical selves interact.

It is very interesting to read how other people live their lives in both Rl and Sl and how often the two interact. I sent Trace a request to contribute.. so we will see.

Here is the link to the June 5th entry.
Have fun reading


Friday, June 4, 2010

Couple Shots

Mr. and Mrs. Varnish

Everyone likes a couple shot.. I mean falling in love is what makes the grid go around. Although there are many many standard poses for couples they make for a boring and predictible photograph.

I prefer to watch and learn the movement in really good animations, the ones Bitter and I have used here are from Bits and Bobs, Devotion and Moments, both good quality nice animations.

Most people are used to Devotion but what you might not have noticed is that for just a few seconds in the middle the two avatars foreheads touch and they gaze into each others eyes, it's very intimate.. they only have eyes for each other.

I took two shots of this short pause in the animation, one from the woman's profile and then the other from the man.. depends on you which angle you prefer.

Moments.. is also lovely, there are a few seconds where the female avi runs her hand through the male avi's hair and then another where he lifts her up to kiss her.

You need to learn your animation and watch it from different angles experimenting which snapshots give a effect you like.

Photo Stats
Midnight setting
Stars set to max
Gamma set to max

She only loves Gold

I don't normally post things that the other feeds have on them, because everyone has seen it already, it's not fun anymore.. but I saw this on Strawberry's Singh Blog.. and fell in love, I have a similar swimsuit in white that my friend Mirri Rosca gave me, but this in's a whole another story

I wanted to give it a real James Bond Look and so used a studio setup for the shoot with a metallic pink background

Style Card.. but I am sure you dont need it
HairLAQ Kira Hair 2
HairZero - Camille Chocolate Cherry
Earrings - Dubble earring gold
Nails [lovesoul] Prim nails * clear french square Beige
Eyes Ashley Grey Redgrave
LAQ Laci Peach Glow skin with hairbase No.8 ( gold makeup)
LAQ Gold Ankle Strap Pumps
Swimsuit Prelude Collection Beachwear Bikini 2

My favourite Bond film.. sung by the incredible Shirley Bassey ( Welsh... Welsh... Welsh..did I mention she is Welsh) and the hottest Scot on the Planet.. even if he is a thousand years old.. Mr. Shaun Connery

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I am very keen on the band Goldfrapp and being a bit of a pottymouth myself, I appreciate Alison, has special way with words.. coughs..
So I took these photos with her in mind,

At a photosphere with this ring as a prop.. it was quite cute it had about 7 different pose options and of course you can always change the background texture and colour scheme, I just thought it fitted my channeling of Alison Goldfrapp to a T.

Style Card
Skin Lelutka Eclatlight group gift ( light brows)
Hair Cake Dakota light blond hair
Socks **MIS** November Group Freebie - Baggy Socks Sage
Shoes Coco Summerchoice awards 2009 gift Ankle wrap wedges ( available in her store)
Skirt [KA] Dead Naga Mini Olive
Top Ce cubic effect Wrap tank mini dress- green
Necklace - Afrika Necklace Gold - Group gift

And now for your listening pleasure.... it's Oh La La.. dial up my number........