Friday, June 4, 2010

She only loves Gold

I don't normally post things that the other feeds have on them, because everyone has seen it already, it's not fun anymore.. but I saw this on Strawberry's Singh Blog.. and fell in love, I have a similar swimsuit in white that my friend Mirri Rosca gave me, but this in's a whole another story

I wanted to give it a real James Bond Look and so used a studio setup for the shoot with a metallic pink background

Style Card.. but I am sure you dont need it
HairLAQ Kira Hair 2
HairZero - Camille Chocolate Cherry
Earrings - Dubble earring gold
Nails [lovesoul] Prim nails * clear french square Beige
Eyes Ashley Grey Redgrave
LAQ Laci Peach Glow skin with hairbase No.8 ( gold makeup)
LAQ Gold Ankle Strap Pumps
Swimsuit Prelude Collection Beachwear Bikini 2

My favourite Bond film.. sung by the incredible Shirley Bassey ( Welsh... Welsh... Welsh..did I mention she is Welsh) and the hottest Scot on the Planet.. even if he is a thousand years old.. Mr. Shaun Connery

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