Friday, June 4, 2010

Couple Shots

Mr. and Mrs. Varnish

Everyone likes a couple shot.. I mean falling in love is what makes the grid go around. Although there are many many standard poses for couples they make for a boring and predictible photograph.

I prefer to watch and learn the movement in really good animations, the ones Bitter and I have used here are from Bits and Bobs, Devotion and Moments, both good quality nice animations.

Most people are used to Devotion but what you might not have noticed is that for just a few seconds in the middle the two avatars foreheads touch and they gaze into each others eyes, it's very intimate.. they only have eyes for each other.

I took two shots of this short pause in the animation, one from the woman's profile and then the other from the man.. depends on you which angle you prefer.

Moments.. is also lovely, there are a few seconds where the female avi runs her hand through the male avi's hair and then another where he lifts her up to kiss her.

You need to learn your animation and watch it from different angles experimenting which snapshots give a effect you like.

Photo Stats
Midnight setting
Stars set to max
Gamma set to max

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