Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Burlesque... it's so

Le Moulin Rouge or should that be Le Moulin Rose...

Inworld we have so many fashion choices and one of my favourite looks is High Costume, and as I have a thing for cabaret and burlesque outfits when I found the above outfit, well out came my Lindens as quick as anything.,I love 1930's Berlin, smokey Jazz Joints, and dark corners where you can nurse your drink as you watch the stage.

In this frame of mind I put together the following outfit, using a selection of the items available in The Dressing Room and also the new Dressing Room Blue.

The detail on this dress is outstanding, lots of intricate lace and embroidery and also the feather skirt is amazingly well executed. There is also another outfit very similar available which I actually liked the stockings better, they had lovely bows on them, but I liked the skirt best on this creation and that is what made me buy it.

Style Card
Skin: LAQ Lacie Peach Glow 03
Hair: Boon XFE275 Purple Dressing Room Blue
Dress: Moulin Rouge Dress - Vita's Boudoir
Ring: Zaara Bobble Ring
Shoes: YS&YS Open Stilletto Baby Dressing Room Blue
Animation: Lust TIS

The are many Burlesque Joints in SecondLife, some are more authentic than others, but I am sure wearing this outfit to any of them will be a fashion statement and a head turner.

Hands the Magnolia Wine to Bitter..


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