Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Paris at Night

The ParisWalker
From The SuperELITE

When I saw this wonderful sexy gown from Elisea Carter, I had this idea of a Parsian Street Walker in the 1920's, I managed to find a terrific conch type hat with a bow and I added a fur stole from another outfit and fur gloves from yet another set, to complete my look.

I took the photos outside of a wonderful vintage store in Port Seraphine, a steampunk sim.

Style Card
Dress Morgana in Black and Brown From Eilsea Carter
Hair Sweet Cherry from Posh
Fur Stole Touch from Phoenix Raising ( sorry shop now closed)
Skin Audrey Makeup 3/lipstick 1 from Tuli
Tattoo Gok Shadows from Koikoi Garden of Ku
Shoes Leopard from Purrfect 10 Group gift
From The SuperELITE

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Redgrave Secret Sale.. Glam Black

From Suede

The last item from Redgraves 50 Lindens sale is this great evening dress, so sexy and stylish with an unusual edge.. it has corded front attachments with a corded skirt. As well as an attachment for the neck piece and cute little gloves, the sequins are very nicely done and the cords look really great.. just a fantastic mixture of textures.

I matched th e dress up with the Giftie Skin from Glam Affair *Jadis*, which has been justly blogged to death, It is so lovely, and it is very hard to pull me away from my staples of Tuli and LAQ, but this skin.. well I know everybody loves it, including me.
From Suede

I matched up my dress with Serana Hair from Exile, which I just love I have it in several colours, the texture and flow just always looks great from every angle. My boots are the ones I got from the Diamonds are Mine hunt, I know I am flogging them to death, but I cant help it, they are just a beautiful plain black with just the right height heel and they look great no matter what I put on with them.
From Suede

Style Card
Skin Glam Affair, Jadis, Gift
Hair Serena, Twilight Exile
Dress Sequined corded dress, Redgrave 50L
Boots Foxy Boots, Black

Happy Christmas

From Suede

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Redgrave Secret Sale

From Suede

Redgrave has a secret sale on, but I do not know how long it will last, there are four items in the Shop on Sale for 50 Lindens, yes that is right 50 Lindens for a Redgrave item. I am showing you two of them in this post, I save the other one I bought for for next time.

So I am showing you Redgraves, fur coat in creme, which is adorable with prim sleeves and the satin bow at the front is supercute as well, but you have to mind how you pose otherwise it distorts and spoils your shot.It also comes with a prim collar and a lovely brooch with flexi feather a nice touch.

From Suede

From Suede

I matched the outfit up with Audrey skin from Tuli and a lovely short neat cut called Rita from Pocket Mirrors, I used the ani-mate hud for my poses.
From Suede

Style Card
Skin Audrey skin o7 and tattoo layer lipstick 01 by Tuli
Hair Rita In platinum Plus by Pocket Mirrors
Jacket Fur Coat in Creme by Redgrave 50L
Skirt Larin in Ivory by Zaara
Boots Classic Leather Boots in Red by Redgrave 50L

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Selfish Cow

Mooo Mooo

From Suede

Okay so I was digging in the depths of my inventory, today and found this amazing coat from Bijou, I forgot I had. I so I just wanted to post it, cause I was really pleased I found it again My only gripe with the coat is that the prim piece was kinda hard to adjust and I had to keep messing with it to take my pictures, maybe my arse is too big though.

The Bijou mainstore is really huge and the coat is probably still there, as I remember it came in a few animal prints, but if not I am really sorry.. Here is my excuse, I have tons and tons of clothes to blog, but I need to PS the pictures a bit and I am behind, after my little visit to the dentist of doom on Monday Night in RL.( everybody say ahhhh)

From Suede

So, there is my superfast run and dash look of the day. So sorry for being a bit selfish, I hope it's still there. Hugs if not..

Style Card
Coat, Cow from Bijou
Jeans Coco
Skin LAQ Claudia PeachGlow
Hair Analog Dog, Dive in Expresso
Boots DeLa Garcia in Brown
Scarf Mr. Poet.. Freebie Back of the store :) colour change scripted

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Doberman

From Suede
Now in Second Life you can be who you wanna be, no holds barred, and one of my good friends Daikoira Cao caters to this clientele he sells the most smooth and shiny latex wear on the grid.. cool and smooth to the touch.. you can almost feel his textures.. they are delicious.

so onto the photos,
From Suede

From Suede
And of course, if your gonna be a Mistress then you better have right dog. Sitting there waiting to take a nice bite out of your *pUSSY wUSSY sUBBIE* If he doesn't do exactly what you say when you say it. Griffin fits the post I think, and he just waiting for the command from me. I dare you to argue with my dog.
From Suede

Style Card
Skin LAQ Laci in Peachglow
Hair Exile
Outfit Daikoira Kamini in Black
Boots FJ Design Foxy Black Boots
Dog Zoobys Brown Doberman

taxi to the store

and while you are there check out Rosca Creations, it is the shop opposite they have the most exciting pole dance system in SL.. and they do home versions for a little Christmas entertainment.. Hint Hint.. Hmmms.... Santa baby

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


From Suede

So I found this place by accident, it is the cutest little sim with little snow houses and Igloos, snow falling down and a cliff top with some colourful tents and some extra buildings, the trees are like candy canes, the whole sim is gorgeous and winter themed.

I saw a lot of little designers in this build, some I haven't seen before and a lot of the shops had 100L items outside on display boards, Most of which looked like quality items. I think there are a lot of Japanese stores, because it really reminded me of the Twinkle Bizarre in the summer which I also loved.
From Suede

So onto my best purchase of the week, This little woolly bobble hat is totally scripted, the hat has 3 settings, rim, body and bobble, all layers can be different or the same and you can also tint your hair and script change the size. It has so many variations, I am not taking it off even in bed.

And of course being British I got tired and had to sit down for a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, exhausted from all that frantic shopping. I sat down for tea just before I saw my *wonderful* bobble hat and so the hair, I am wearing is LAQ's newest hair base attachment, kinda cute hey.

From Suede

Here is the address so you can go and take a wander around the Igloos yourself, take your snowboots.


Saturday, December 4, 2010


From Suede

Okay, So I tried to make a sepia post for the 52 weeks of colour, by using a sepia coloured tattoo, and boots and eyes and makeup, and while the effect is good, I think my photos are too edgy for their original purpose.. but I really like them so here they are.

From Suede

From Suede
From Suede

I haven't bothered with a style card, but my hair is Serena from Exile, Skin Laci from LAQ with Audrey from Tuli lipstick, Boots I bought on Marketplace SL, I can get you the proper name if you leave me a request in comments, and the tattoos are called Skull, and my eyes are called Goldfire. I am going to go and find a nice dress or something so I don't miss a week, but not tonight cause I am not in the mood, hopefully tomorrow I will have some focus, I just feel off-center tonight.

From Suede

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Abyss

From Suede

One of the most fantastic builds in Second Life has to be The Abyss, home at one time to the most exciting male skins to hit the grid. It used to be that the Abyss was the only male skin maker worth anything, and every cool man had a set of Scorpio, then eventually everyone else caught up, but I still have a soft spot for a guy wearing that skin, I must admit.

They do a range of edgy skins, good for role play and combat sci-fi sims, one of the things I really like about the store is that everything moves, lots of TV screens and monitors which are animated. Visually it is really exciting, it really adds to the atmosphere.

From Suede

From Suede

The actual shop part of the build is actually quite small, a long walkway joining 2 chambers, you can see the cool buildings but you are unable to either fly or TP over there, but if you can cam and it is pretty cool, Honestly, I just took these photos cause the damn place is so cool.

From Suede

From Suede

The Abyss SLurl

ANI-mate Pose HUD by Vextra Designs

Vextra Messing and Her ANI-mate Pose HUD
From Suede

One of the groups I am in has had this really super little hud dropped on it's members, since I am moving out of the studio and trying to do more ON-Location shoots, this is a godsend to me. I was very impressed with the ease of the interface and the 100 pre-loaded poses are more than enough to suit most modelling needs.

I cut and pasted this information directly from the Notecard that came with the Hud, one cause I don't wanna type it all again and also cause I don't want to make a mistake somewhere along the line and give you all the wrong information.

From Suede

From Suede

From Suede

* High Quality HUD for modeling and dancing purposesThe ANI-mate Pose HUD system is designed for organizing and playing animations and dances in Second Life. The HUD allows you to control up to 12 avatars together or individually for group dancing and photography. For photographers it's like having a portable pose studio in your HUD! - you can animate yourself, or up to 12 of your friends or models to use your no-copy and no-transfer animations!

* NEW - 100 professional modeling animations included!
* Stylish easy to use interface - just click and play
* Animate up to 12 avatars simultaneously or individually!
* Synchronized or Different random play modes makes the ANI-mate a great dance HUD!
* Retrieve and Delete animations through the menu
* Copy your ANI-mate for different sets of animations
* Includes automatic delivery of future updates
* Use your no-transfer and no-copy animations with other avatars!
* Camera position memory to save camera angles!

All the pictures show poses that come with the hud, but with a 100 poses I just cant show you them all. I did want to show you the interface though and I think you can see it very clearly, only took me a few minutes of pressing buttons to work everything out.

From Suede
Landmark to her Store in world
VEXTRA FASHION** MAIN STORE, Freydis (64, 226, 79)

Style Card
Top, Last Call... 1000 years old sorry.. I found it when I was clearing out inventory
Trousers, Ce Cubic
Hair Analog Dog Dive
Skin Laci & Audrey Blend, Laci from LAQ Audrey from Tuli - Lipstick layer