Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Doberman

From Suede
Now in Second Life you can be who you wanna be, no holds barred, and one of my good friends Daikoira Cao caters to this clientele he sells the most smooth and shiny latex wear on the grid.. cool and smooth to the touch.. you can almost feel his textures.. they are delicious.

so onto the photos,
From Suede

From Suede
And of course, if your gonna be a Mistress then you better have right dog. Sitting there waiting to take a nice bite out of your *pUSSY wUSSY sUBBIE* If he doesn't do exactly what you say when you say it. Griffin fits the post I think, and he just waiting for the command from me. I dare you to argue with my dog.
From Suede

Style Card
Skin LAQ Laci in Peachglow
Hair Exile
Outfit Daikoira Kamini in Black
Boots FJ Design Foxy Black Boots
Dog Zoobys Brown Doberman

taxi to the store

and while you are there check out Rosca Creations, it is the shop opposite they have the most exciting pole dance system in SL.. and they do home versions for a little Christmas entertainment.. Hint Hint.. Hmmms.... Santa baby

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