Thursday, December 2, 2010

ANI-mate Pose HUD by Vextra Designs

Vextra Messing and Her ANI-mate Pose HUD
From Suede

One of the groups I am in has had this really super little hud dropped on it's members, since I am moving out of the studio and trying to do more ON-Location shoots, this is a godsend to me. I was very impressed with the ease of the interface and the 100 pre-loaded poses are more than enough to suit most modelling needs.

I cut and pasted this information directly from the Notecard that came with the Hud, one cause I don't wanna type it all again and also cause I don't want to make a mistake somewhere along the line and give you all the wrong information.

From Suede

From Suede

From Suede

* High Quality HUD for modeling and dancing purposesThe ANI-mate Pose HUD system is designed for organizing and playing animations and dances in Second Life. The HUD allows you to control up to 12 avatars together or individually for group dancing and photography. For photographers it's like having a portable pose studio in your HUD! - you can animate yourself, or up to 12 of your friends or models to use your no-copy and no-transfer animations!

* NEW - 100 professional modeling animations included!
* Stylish easy to use interface - just click and play
* Animate up to 12 avatars simultaneously or individually!
* Synchronized or Different random play modes makes the ANI-mate a great dance HUD!
* Retrieve and Delete animations through the menu
* Copy your ANI-mate for different sets of animations
* Includes automatic delivery of future updates
* Use your no-transfer and no-copy animations with other avatars!
* Camera position memory to save camera angles!

All the pictures show poses that come with the hud, but with a 100 poses I just cant show you them all. I did want to show you the interface though and I think you can see it very clearly, only took me a few minutes of pressing buttons to work everything out.

From Suede
Landmark to her Store in world
VEXTRA FASHION** MAIN STORE, Freydis (64, 226, 79)

Style Card
Top, Last Call... 1000 years old sorry.. I found it when I was clearing out inventory
Trousers, Ce Cubic
Hair Analog Dog Dive
Skin Laci & Audrey Blend, Laci from LAQ Audrey from Tuli - Lipstick layer

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  1. /me smiles :) Hey you - I'm really pleased you've found the ANI-Mate HUD helpful with your on-location photo shoots.. All the best with your sexy blogging *hugs*

    ps: I've added a link back from store blog's featured reviews page (