Wednesday, December 8, 2010


From Suede

So I found this place by accident, it is the cutest little sim with little snow houses and Igloos, snow falling down and a cliff top with some colourful tents and some extra buildings, the trees are like candy canes, the whole sim is gorgeous and winter themed.

I saw a lot of little designers in this build, some I haven't seen before and a lot of the shops had 100L items outside on display boards, Most of which looked like quality items. I think there are a lot of Japanese stores, because it really reminded me of the Twinkle Bizarre in the summer which I also loved.
From Suede

So onto my best purchase of the week, This little woolly bobble hat is totally scripted, the hat has 3 settings, rim, body and bobble, all layers can be different or the same and you can also tint your hair and script change the size. It has so many variations, I am not taking it off even in bed.

And of course being British I got tired and had to sit down for a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, exhausted from all that frantic shopping. I sat down for tea just before I saw my *wonderful* bobble hat and so the hair, I am wearing is LAQ's newest hair base attachment, kinda cute hey.

From Suede

Here is the address so you can go and take a wander around the Igloos yourself, take your snowboots.

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