Thursday, December 16, 2010

Selfish Cow

Mooo Mooo

From Suede

Okay so I was digging in the depths of my inventory, today and found this amazing coat from Bijou, I forgot I had. I so I just wanted to post it, cause I was really pleased I found it again My only gripe with the coat is that the prim piece was kinda hard to adjust and I had to keep messing with it to take my pictures, maybe my arse is too big though.

The Bijou mainstore is really huge and the coat is probably still there, as I remember it came in a few animal prints, but if not I am really sorry.. Here is my excuse, I have tons and tons of clothes to blog, but I need to PS the pictures a bit and I am behind, after my little visit to the dentist of doom on Monday Night in RL.( everybody say ahhhh)

From Suede

So, there is my superfast run and dash look of the day. So sorry for being a bit selfish, I hope it's still there. Hugs if not..

Style Card
Coat, Cow from Bijou
Jeans Coco
Skin LAQ Claudia PeachGlow
Hair Analog Dog, Dive in Expresso
Boots DeLa Garcia in Brown
Scarf Mr. Poet.. Freebie Back of the store :) colour change scripted

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