Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Stay in the Shade at SuperElite Hunt"

"Stay in the Shade at SuperElite Hunt"

As well as my own blog I am also the editor for the SuperElite Blog which is based on the fashionisa sim, well it is having a exciting hunt ( 7/31-8/15) wonderful gifts provided by our designers:

Ala Folie
(More designers will be added throughout the next 2 weeks)

The Hunt prize from Purple Moon and it comes with the hat

And the instore gift of a black top

and I just heard that Glance is participating in the hunt at SuperElite it is an exclusive version of the recent release, "Freida", that is only available through this hunt, Haven't had time to go and grab it yet.. It will be fun to see this skin on lots of different shapes.. maybe we could make a collage. thinks.. maybe we should.. yeah send me photos of you wearing that skin.

Anyway back to the important business of hunting
Look for the "cool shades" and enjoy!!!!!!

See you on the Hunt

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