Monday, August 23, 2010

Photographic Props

What Next Vintage Dressing Screen and Stool

Rather than a fashion post this is a post about a really great photography prop.

The * what next* Vintage Dressing Screen and Stool pose set is truly excellent, both pieces have about 10 poses in each and even though the stool and the screen come as a pair they are not linked, so you can move them around to get the shot you like. Both stool and screen are scripted colour change, which I didn't realise when I bought them.

Some of the poses on the stool, will work for a man, so the options are really large and I know the clothing is not very clear on these photos as I used the *camp champ* windlight setting on them, but the corset is actually cream coloured.

Style Card ( for what it is worth)
Hair Lelutka group gift, Rush Firetop, scripted colour change band, available now
Shoes Kookie Phoebe Brown
Jewelry Zaara
Corset & Stockings, Runo runo 5 minutes to curtain,
(I bought this at a special event a couple of months back).

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