Thursday, July 29, 2010

Question - Shall I change it all

Hello.. Feedback time

I am thinking about changing the background and the banner of my blog to something more colourful and light.

I am thinking about using this photograph, what do you think .. do it? or leave well alone.

let me know thanks.. change is scary... lmao


  1. Colorful and light is good. You have a very distinctive style at the moment. Just a thought - love the colors on the dress. What about taking some close up pictures of the dress and use those at the top instead of that entire picture. If you had a few folds of the dress it might add some intrigue and then let you pick just about any color(s) you want for the background.

  2. Thanks for that .. Sheila yes I will crop the picture and see how it comes out.. thanks for your help.