Monday, July 19, 2010

Simply Me.....

Lorelei Maggs from the SuperElite Blog introduced me to Vitabela's clothes and I keep going back there and buying more stuff.. this outfit however is an incredible group gift to celebrate 2 years in SL.

The Dress is called * Simply Me* and you can get it from the main store, just join the subscribo and then click the board next to the stairway. It is really something special and I hope my photos will do it justice.

For this set of photos I just went for a colour explosion and turned my windlight settings onto Belleza. I used those cute poses with the frames built in, but for me it is limiting, as you can not get the angle you want every time, because the frame shows. I also took some studio shots with a plain background but I want to experiment with photoshop tomorrow, and I will post up the processed photos then.

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