Friday, July 23, 2010


Your Lag Free Avatar

I don't normally use my blog to let of steam but this time, I am , I cannot help it. I tried to go to the The Final Sale at the Warehouse for Armidi and also the Summer Fair supporting mental health. I have a outfit that I wear to popular events, it's a boring skin which I brighten up with tats.. no hair no ao no nothing.. so I don't lag and I don't cause others to lag either.. I wanna get in and shop and get out.

Meet Manni..... it is lagfree almost...

The amount of prims I saw at these events were unbelievable.. scripted objects everywhere.. hair over a thousand prims.. I checked one lady at 15000, I did not even know that was possible, see the picture below....

Eventually I got so frustrated I said something in open chat..and was told off and told to leave, by people wearing a whole lot more than was necessary.. I didn't because I wasn't in the wrong and second, thanks to your hair and your everything else I stood in one space unable to move for 15 minutes and after that I am not giving up.

Please people no one can see you behind the computer, it's not bossy or people trying to spoil your fun or your look, it's the limits of the computer programming and it's common sense.. Lag spoils it for everyone including you.

Go grab this skin or something similar it's from Imagen and I think I remember it is free.. see the difference it makes when you shop.

Please try

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