Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's A Hard Knock Second Life

For nearly a week now, I have been living my life as a particle cloud, it has been awful, I tried everything to fix it, read every blog and tried every suggestion, eventually yesterday on Kirsten's forums . I posted a frantic help me and someone suggested something I had not seen before, change all the layers including *eyebrows*.

I borrowed a friends computer and download SL onto it.. one which is much faster and newer than my old heap, and proceeded to give Suede a male shape, skin etc etc, so I would'nt by habit load up my normal items on Suede without realizing.. it worked and when I got home to my own computer and open up SL.. Suede loaded looking exactly how I had left her. We did try it before with Bitter loading up Suede from his computer (BTW.. he did say it was weird using my avi), but that time I told him to reload Suede's normal look.. I assume that is why it didnt work, cause I was back to a cloud when I logged her back on.. which left both Bitter and I shaking our heads, cause we had just spent 20 minutes * fixing* her.

So here is the final tip to de- particle cloud yourself.. when all else fails..

detach all items
detach all clothing
load default avatar.. you know that Ruth creature
then one by one reload your everything.. making sure that everything is different from your normal avatar
shape, skin, hair, hairbase, eyebrows, clothing, log off
clear cache
log back on

and Good luck,

cause I was so ready to stab someone with Kitchen knife, I am happy to be back to blogging.. I have a couple of new designers interviews to post on SuperElite and some great clothes from a friend who is just entering the clothing business.

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