Saturday, September 25, 2010

Marie Helvin Iconic

Marie Helvin was a supermodel in the 80's, married to the incredible photographer David Bailey, This is them pictured above.I have always admired her, she was so famous and so beautiful and glamorous. This shot below is one of her iconic shots, a more famous shot is one of her naked, but it's not appropriate to show it here, David Bailey published a book filled with only photos of Marie called Trouble and Strife which is cockney rhyming slang for wife.

I tried really hard to get the pose right.. but I just couldn't so I went for as near as I could.but I was very pleased with the hair and the dress which are almost perfect.

The dress is Harlow from Ibizzare, with the new Nellie skin from LAQ, Hair from Truth, old retired stock sorry, from one of his previous sales and I also have on Stiletto Moody's Aubergine Boots, but I know you cannot see them.

This lovely face is the new face from LAQ Nellie's it looking great in black and white, imagine how terrific it looks is beautiful glowing soft colour.

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