Sunday, October 2, 2011

Elvish Ears

From September 2011

Ears are interesting things, they can give a whole new depth of character to your avatar. One of the looks I like the best are the droopy Elf ears, you can get them accessorised, with studs for your Gothic avi or with vines and leaves for your Elvish role play avi.

I have teamed up my ears with Aiko skin from Belleza, facial piercings and hair from [e], which has a scripted colour change band.

The other thing I found which I love for my new look are the eyes available from Glow! Studio right now, they are prim and so it is possible to have two different coloured eyes. I went for blue and green.

Style Card
Hair [e] Changes - Black 03
Ears *6DOO* wakka elf ears B
Skin -Belleza- Aiko pale group gift
Facial Piercings .:ellabella:. Starchild

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