Monday, October 10, 2011

Pause, Point B [AD]

Take a Pause
From October 7, 2011

One of my favourite stores has started a new sister brand, called Point B, the site is not completely setup yet, but it is looking good, between you and me, I love Analog Dog's hair, but I never liked the shop, walking through the water. The new shop has a cobbled paving walkway and cool suede looking rounded cubed vendors, I really like them.

Anyway back to the hair, so I love the highlights in this hair and it moves really well. The colour band is colour/pattern scripted. Also at AD you can get freehair bases and a lot of the older styles, in the water section with the blue vendors are on sale. It is worth checking them all out, she does terrific curly styles, and I dont think they are particularly dated.

Style Card
Pause. Point B, Analog Dog [ Queue Marlowe]

On a side note, Queue has a blog of her own, it is quite interesting with some rl snippets, :)

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