Monday, May 23, 2011


From May2011

I eventually managed to make my way to Culture shock and of course there are many lovely things, but it is taking me forever, it won't rezz very fast for me, and I have a budget , and there is so many things worth buying.

One thing I really like is that I am seeing smaller shops I have not been too before I have a little notepad for my blogging stuff and right now I have at least 10 shops i have jotted down in my little book that I will go visit when I have time. I am also checking out stores, that I know about, but their style is not usually my style and being pleasantly surprised.

I loved this shade of pink, even though it says peach and the texture and detailing are great and best of all, I think this top was only 60L.. steal... skirt is from G*Field, not a shop I usually frequent, but I will be from now on, just to check.

From Suede Design Studio

Just on a side note, I expect you noticed that my posting has changed style a little, my photoshop is very angry with me, and decided to go on strike, so I have resorted to using Picasa, it is actually quite good fun, but lets hope I make it up with my No.1. Man Photo.S. really soon.

Style Card
Project Donate Sim, Culture Shock
Hair Truth Minka Streaked Auburn, colour scripted Mallen Streak
Skin LAQ Nellie 03 Peach
Skirt G*Field Maxi Skirt, Brown Flower
Top Izzie, Silk Top Peach, ( Izzie Button)

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