Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vintage Tangerine - 52 weeks of Colour

From Suede Design Studio

I am so behind with the 52 weeks of colour, that I have all but given up, but sometimes the colour of the week reminds me of a great dress I have not worn in months, even years.

I decided to go all vintage with this post, all of the items pictured are at least 2 years old maybe more, but you know all of the items still look nice, of course advances have been made so that clothing moves better when you move, but even so, for a still shot, this dress in my mind still has what it takes.

From Suede Design Studio
From Suede Design Studio

Style Card
*LAST CALL: Awards Show (copper)( long since turned to pixeldust)
-EARTHTONES- Ambrosia necklace & earrings (celistia/gold)(old group gift)
=RaC= Loveaffair - Copper( better known these days as Laqroki)
LAQ Claudia

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