Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Plastik.. Incredible Bird Lanterns

The Lantern Store
From Suede Design Studio

It's been a while since I did fantastic build post, but when I visited Plastik I suddenly remembered why I love the creativity I see in Second Life. It is a very detailed build, full of character and atmosphere, you use the tp boards to travel between lanterns and departments.

I went to see Crysanthemum skin, which I saw in another post by Annalesca Ashbourne, I tried on the demo skin, I am still deciding on it, I am a terrible fusspot when it comes to skins, I like to still look like me.

So anyway back to Plastik's build which is so great, espically as we just had Chinese New Year, wish I done this post on last Wednesday which was Chinese New Year.
From Suede Design Studio

From Suede Design Studio

Islands are home to the stores, one hosting a huge gnarled tree, with huge lanterns hanging from it's old worn branches, it's just waiting to topple into the sea, where your avi can get eaten by the sea serpent. The birds watch and wait.......

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