Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wilma from Artilleri

From Suede Design Studio

Wilma from Artilleri
I love old movies, and with netflix I can watch a lot, they have a ton hidden away in their search, so recently I watched a Audrey Hepburn classic, Roman Holiday with the delicious Gregory Peck. So with this in mind, I decided to do a 1950's themed post, cause the clothes are lovely and I knew exactly where to go for my ensemble and no one has better clothes than Artilleri, and so here is what I got.
From Suede Design Studio

From Suede Design Studio

So onto my gorgeous dresses, it was very hard to choose which colour I liked best, they are all such beautiful shades, the textures match up completely, the workmanship is really good and I just felt all 1950's the second I put them on, just called me Bettie. Artilleri is really good, not only do they do a selection of great clothes, they also have hair with a scripted scarf which I am showing you in the photos and Specs, which are great. The shoes I have on are from Periquita, and are scripted both the rim and the body of the shoe are scripted colour change.

Style Card
Dress/artilleri/ Wilma dress *pink*
Dress/artilleri/ Wilma dress collar CHEST *yellow*
Shoes.:Periquita ChickyChic Pumps:.
Sunglasses/artilleri/ greta sunglasses Black
Sunglasses/artilleri/ greta sunglasses Yellow
Hair/artilleri/ Trixie hair, scripted colour change scarf
Skin Glam Affair Jadis _03

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