Thursday, February 17, 2011

oOo Studio.. What a Giftie

Portable Studio
This incredible stand alone photo studio was dropped onto the Proposers group, a day or so ago, it has been made by oOo studio, it's really something, it has 8 poses loaded into the podium, the pictures on the left and the picture frame on the right are modify and so you can add your own pictures in to individualize it and the three photos on the left are very much like a darkroom studio where you hang your photos to dry. You can also mod the backdrop and make it wider if you need too The whole things is low on prims, adorable and useful, what more can you ask for, from a free gift, really!
From Suede Design Studio
From Suede Design Studio

From Suede Design Studio

Now we did also receive a notice from Olaenka Chesnokov, about the studio also being offered to her subscribo group this version has more poses in it. The one pictured above has 8 preloaded for you. However it is only for existing group members.

**Warning the subscribo is closed to new people until the 19th of Feb, but if you are already in it and haven't grabbed your studio then run over there now**

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