Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Unicorn

From Suede Design Studio

When I saw this wonderful prop on the feeds, I knew I just had to go and get it, when I first came to Second Life, I used to enjoy roleplaying in the Medieval sims, I used to hang out at a Sim called Liberato, long, long gone to pixeldust now, and I still have many of my clothes from that time, especially from Suki Silks and Chaosphire, both of which do transfer items, I just wish other designers would some as well.
From Suede Design Studio

Anyway, So this incredible Unicorn is from Studio Sidhe, and has poses pre-loaded I only disliked one pose, which isn't bad, and I also found I could use my own poses with the Unicorn, if I tried hard enough.
From Suede Design Studio

From Suede Design Studio

Style Card
Unicorn Prop
:+:SS:+: Unicorn Pose Prop (Sit & Touch For Menu) - Trans - Studio Sidhe
Skin *
OC* GALA skin - lips to kiss HP (Elettra Gausman)
AVid: GoldFire Eyes
Tattoo Lashes
GLAM! skins makeup tattoo Lashes & liner Black series 7 (Annette Cyberstar)
Hair Exile Kalea,Twilight
Wings Made by a friend
::LEO-NT:: SaddyDeath Elf Ear *l* ( lady ღ (lady.leonard))
Clothes Chaospire "Beledinoir" 8-piece Gothic Tribal Bellydance Outfit (Devyn Grimm)
INDI Designs - Pinta black ( Jamie Holmer)
From Suede Design Studio


  1. great photos and blog! :D

    I'm glad you enjoyed the unicorn! Well, mostly... am curious to know which pose you disliked, I must admit.

  2. Hi, thanks for your comments, well I like tight in shots and the pose where the horse and person are far apart didn't work well in my photo shoot.