Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dust Addixion

From Suede Design Studio

It has been a little while since I just did a pure photography post, I wanted to share this one with you, as I liked the way it turned out, I have been commissioned to take a series of shots featuring Addixion tattoos, and this is the first of a set, I did the other day.

Basically, we built a sky box, about 1000ft up and I used the setting Dusty on wind light, to get that wonderful effect on the background/skyline. The model is my friend Llew, who is wearing the tattoos from ADDIXION.

So Photography Stats,
Setting on Wind light, Dusty
Height/location 1000ft up
Graphics setting to Ultra
Phoenix Viewer
Model Llew
Hair Uncle Web Robin
Tattoos ADDIXION full body monochrome tattoo

Oh just for your information, Llew has a store selling addixion tattoos at Mc Mall, I have put a link below for you, in case you would like to take a look for yourself, the mall has a central landing points, in the center of the complex, but there should be an arrow to guide you over to his store.

Central landing point

Right Inside Llew Store

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