Sunday, January 9, 2011

Miss Virtual World Edelweiss

Edelweiss from Purple Moon
From Suede Design Studio

Now, while I am no beauty queen, I have way too much potty mouth and too many curves to either fit into that swimsuit or to fit that crown on my crazy head, I do love being offered an incredible dress so I can pretend for a while * and the winner is....... Miss Scotland..... MMhwwwaaaa, sighs or not.

This amazing creation was designed by Purple Moon worn by Leandra Breen (Miss Germany) for the competition.

Now I did notice, that my good friend and colleague Deeta already posted this dress and she made it look lovely, but I had these photos already done, and I don't want to waste them, so I will just show you my shots as well. I think a dress like this cannot get too much publicity and we all have our own take on the look.. I think it is still fun, to look at everyone's interpretation, Although we both went for a space background.. laughs.
From Suede Design Studio

From Suede Design Studio
Style Card
Dress Edelweiss from Purple Moon
Skin LAQ Laci in Peach No.10 no Hair base
Hair Analog Dog, Monday and matching hairbase( free) in Blond

From Suede Design Studio
Shot on location in world at http: SB & C Grand Planetarium, built by Tommy Parrott

P.S, just a fun note, the bodice part of this dress looks really good with black leather pants, and I have a pair of Gold and black strappy sandals from coco, which are a perfect match. :) I found this out when I changed and forgot to take the bodice off.


  1. This is beautiful Suede! Love the location to, matches the dress perfectly.

  2. Thanks Laila, and Tommy the designer of the build is super nice, he was scrolling through the space backgrounds to help me find one which was perfect, thanks for reading and commenting


  3. You look fantastic Suede, wonderful series :)