Sunday, January 16, 2011

Urban Gypsy

From Suede Design Studio

This colourful dress is from GCD, it has a ton of options, I am just showing you the skirt and top here because it fits with my gypsy theme, also included in this set is a very cute short cut off sweater with prim cuffs and roll neck, which looks great with jeans, and also the glitch pants can be woren by themselves as they look like leggings with a crosshatch pattern. Gwen also supplies a belt on a separate layer which you could match up with other outfits.

The dress top has a velvet look to it with a smugged pattern full of jewel tones, and the skirt has a very soft texture to it and an overall gold tint, even though when you cam up tight, you can see it has many colours within the pattern.

From Suede Design Studio

Take a quick tp over to Gwen's shop either on Fashionista Island or on her own Sim, Elements in Design to see the full range of options for this ensemble.

Photos were shot inworld at Algarond, while I was hanging out with my two wackjob friends, Lando and Fantishee you can see them hanging out in the 2nd picture, trying to look all innocent.

Style Card
-Belleza- Erika Sk group gift
Analog Dog dive black
GCD - Urban Gypsy
Boots MIEL HAI BOOTS - RED _ socks colour change scripted

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