Sunday, January 16, 2011

GLAM Skins Tattoo Eyeliner

From Suede Design Studio

This is the new makeup release from Glam Skins designed by Annette Cyberstar, a set of gorgeous eyeliners on the tattoo layer, I love dark eyeliner, smokey and sultry and although prim lashes can be great, from a photographer's viewpoint they can also be a problem, I often have to re- adjust the positioning in edit for certain close up shots. The tattoo version of lashes, solves this problem for me which I am finding I am using them more and more instead of my prim lashes. The big composite picture shows the Nellie No.6 on the background with the smaller piccies showing the choices for eyeliner.
From Suede Design Studio

I tried out these eyeliners on a couple of my skins and they fit perfectly with them all, I decided to show the liner on my favourite Nellie Skin from LAQ, and my choice of background makeup was so that you could see the eyeliner looking great on a very subtle eyeshadows, the make up is soft and delicate and my new eyeliner, just lifts it to the next level.
From Suede Design Studio

Style Card
Skin LAQ Nellie Peach Glow No.6 Hairbase
Hair Piece LAQ Brown No.10 Updo
Stole :bijou: Furbolero[Blackfox]
Eyeliner Tattoo

Tp for Glam on Glam Island

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