Monday, January 3, 2011

The Sad Demise of Bijou

Editorial Comment

From Suede Design Studio

I got a notice the other day that one of my favourite stores Bijou will be closing shortly, the date has not been finalized as yet.

Last year a lot of stores closed, some well known and some new and little.
Canimal closed, which I felt as it was the first dress I purchased with my camping Lindens, but none grieves me as much as Bijou.

Let me tell you why, Bijou's textures and prim work are outstanding. The other thing I like about Bijou is her colours are quite standard, you can mix and match her clothing, to make new outfits outside the sets you buy, so many of her outfits are totally unique unlike anything else you can find on the grid.

Kotobuki Jewell, is a victim of her own shortsightedness, after making those incredible clothes, with beautiful textures and mostly excellent prim work,
Bijou did not advertise, it wouldn't send out samples to bloggers, even if you don't want to let people have freebies, then at least send out a seasonal pack of your own choice.

The last thing I heard from Bijou was that gorgeous bodysuit outfit, came in red,white and black with a furry hood, 2 Christmas ago. It was all over the feeds everyone loved it.

I know the Bijou store well and so I have no problem to navigate, I know the hair and lingerie were in different buildings, but I am sure people easily missed the Tp board. Inside the store, in order to get to the clothing you have to walk down a long corridor, it isn't obvious which way to go. People probably think that the front area is all there is, and never saw all the rest of the clothing the store has to offer.

The Bijouaholic build is beautiful, but it has to be functional as well, additionally it isn't easy easy to get to the casual area as the stairwell goes straight past it. You have to stop and fly or either go all the way down and find the short stairwell back up. People cant be bothered bluntly.
From Suede Design Studio

The other thing is Bijou is currently running a a 50% off sale which brings most of the casual outfits down to between 130L and 160L, the evening wear is still more than that, if your closing, then I am afraid standard procedure is to knock everything right down to between 25L to 50L as Phoenix Raising and Canimal did, and currently 5th and Oxford. At least at those prices people will buy one of everything almost.

The sad demise of Bijou, is just a testament of how even when your work is so beautiful, if you don't market and promote your label properly, You will fail
What a fucking shame.

P.s. On a last note, my personal preference would be make the clothing transfer as Last Call did, it keeps your brand alive, and your work becomes collectors items, and can be used for auctions for charity, and other worthy causes.You did all the work already don't you want your work to live on.. just a thought to ponder on.


  1. Pretty sad. I'm super active in SL and I'd never heard of this place. I went over browsed around, went "Oh that's nice" and then left without buying anything. If things had been marked down to 99L and under, I would have left with the whole store.

  2. Exactly, My point Thanks for commenting.